Lets go Navy vs Mudcats

dont see a non conference game thread?

Go Navy!

up 14-7


Memphis is a poverty school…


Good game. Nice to watch a couple of exciting and energetic teams.

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They would both kick our ass.


Like in 2021 and 2022?


What does that have to do with it?

Based on how we played against RU, both these teams would kick our azz, badly.


We shouldn’t lose to Rice and I don’t think CDH is going to work out. With that said, I don’t agree every team on TV is gonna kick our ass.


Dang was rooting for the middies

No sh!t.

The two playing on ESPN tonight would.

1 of the 2 playing on the ACC network tonight would too.

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What do you mean by that?

First words out of my mouth last night when I turned the game on.

My girlfriend has never seen either team play before. She is an NFL fan and I am introducing her to FBS. Her comment last night was, “those Memphis fans look different”. When I asked her what she meant she said they look like they all live in trailer parks. She thought they looked poor.

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We scored 17 total points against UTSA.

SEVENTEEN points and we intercepted them 3 times!!

One of those INT’s was in OUR end zone.

We are very lucky to not be 0-2 heading into TCU.

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Gee. I’ve seen a lot of NFL fans that gave me the same impression.


Saw an interesting factoid.

Since start of AAC.
EVERY Navy game but 1 on linear TV.

The 1 game on ESPN + was ECU due 2 bad weather making it 50/50.

Reasonable that Army will get the same when they sign on. Seems like wheels are in motion.

Army - Navy would be an ESPN property after 2028 when CBS deal expires.
It will be interesting how they approach it.

Commander and Chief series w AF a valuable property.

Yes but AAC games can’t be a stand alone the weekend after Conf Championship weekend.

Only game on.
Big for recruiting 2 the academies and general goodwill. Huge weekend for the host city.

On a micro level:
I grew up in B52 base towns.
Obviously a huge Air Force TV shirt fan but never miss Army-Navy as my CFB last hurrah till bowls.

They could treat it as an OOC game & sell it as such.

And it would take on even more meaning if it were a conference game for both teams!

I dont doubt it one bit. Raiders fans are one example.

As much as I hammer the Mudcats I’d feel a lot safer around their fans than around the average NFL fan