Let's revisit the makeup of this team

This team is made up of the following recruiting classes:

2015: This was Herman’s first class and he only had less than a month to recruit. In that class only three guys saw significant playing time: Will Noble, Josh Jones and Emeke Egbule. Of the three only Josh Jones red shirted and is still here.

2016: Pretty good class, Ed, King, Lark, Marquez Stevenson. But the class had a number of misses in Collin Wilder, Bowman Sells, Tren’Davion Dickson. Good but not great class in terms of production.

2017: This is the class that Herman stole. A lot of these guys are getting significant playing time at UT. What we ended up in that class, only Bryson Smith, Stuard, and Singleton have been contributors. Amhaud Willis-Dalton has not lived up to expectations, Noah Jones not on the two deep, Parker Eichenberger etc… This was a very average class.

2018: It is a little early but this class has some contributors, Mutin, Tune, Kirven. I find it interesting that the lowest rated player in this class is possibly the best player (Kirven).

2019: Too early and too transitional. Who knows about this class.

So this team consist of three classes where the coach was in transition and one of them was a class that was stolen. If we had that class in place, we would be ok. Unfortunately we are where we are.


2017? How did he steal this class ? I’m sure he did , just don’t know specifics…

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If we would have kept the 2017 class together (given that we hired a continuity coach it would seem reasonable), we would be fine. Here are the guys that decommitted when Herman left:

Javelin Guidry: Went to Utah and is the starting nickel back.
Marquez Brimmage: gets significant playing time at DE for Texas
Timmarcus Davis: Backup corner for Arizona State
Daniel Young : Saw significant playing time at RB for Texas. Hasn’t played much this year.
Sam Cosmi: Starting left tackle for Texas
Donovan Stiner : Florida WR not seeing much playing time.
Terrel Bernard: Baylor OLB 1st string and highly productive.

Yeah we could have used these guys.


Kirven came from Mart that’s why. A 2a school. They win state all the time there.

Williams, the left tackle that was hurt yesterday is also a 5th year senior from the 2015 class recruited by Levine before he was fired.

Thanks for info … I think we will be ok , last night we played hard , a few drops , some bad calls and no spy on qb was the difference between a win and a hard fought loss … and terrible clock management which is on the coaches not players … we have been competitive vs some good teams …


Thanks Applewhite!

The difference yesterday was one team with the same coach for three years and one team with 3 coaches in four years. Guess which one won.


Stiner is a safety and he is a starter.


Sorry, I stand corrected.

Outside of the 3 he stole to UT (after saying he wouldn’t take any recruits), the kid going to Baylor upset me the most. We were a better option at the time. Herman must have lied his ass off to most of these recruits and they didn’t want anything to do with UH after.

Cosmi would have helped this line a lot and saved us from getting the Justin Murphy transfer. Brimmage would have been a beast here and needed. Young is solid, not as big of a deal to me. Young is hurt this year or he would be getting carries because of all the injuries in that position, but this kid was lied to by Herman. Lots of reps his freshman year until Herman could get better backs in there so he barely played his sophomore year. He should probably redshirt and transfer now.

What Herman did was took the kids he wanted and then trashed UH to the other kids. Herman is a piece of (fill in the blank).


It’s looking like another year when our coaches don’t know who our best players are. Similar to Piland/Crawford Jones, O’Korn/Ward, Kyle Allen/King and now Tune/Bryson Smith


Cincin Defense man handled our OL…The DL dominated…LB’s were blitzing and we’re making plays… You have to have good blocking for QB to be productive…Tune and backups can’t be perfect in timing if they are wondering about the hike and pressure from the defense… we got the talent to be 1st in American Athletics Conference…they just need to be told what to do and they need to do their jobs…Sorry OL… I love you guys BUT you have to take over the game for the rest of the team… your big and with your bad attitudes you will be BOSS!!!..FO the other guys and what they say…do your job… and work together, etc. … you ALL our front line battle focus Monsters… we need you guys!!!.. let’s be a team!!!.. QB’s will be fine!!! Hard lessons this year!!!..hahaha

That was string of consciousness. James Joyce says well done.

Based off of 1 pass? Smith may have been the best QB behind King if he started there in the spring, but not after a couple practices. The previous staff should have identified that in his first 2 seasons. King was rumored to be the best QB before his injury the year Allen took over and possibly the starter heading into game 1, he wasn’t thrown in from the WR room. I may be wrong, but didn’t Ward split time with QBs and WRs in practice also?

Give it time. Smith will get more practice at QB and who know what will happen.


For most of us we want to blame previous imposters for today’s troubles…Let’s just FORGIVE them and FORGET THEM…we are our own destiny…Rebuilding year…

and we are now seeing that AAC coaches are good and are pissed that they are dis-respected by P5…Holgorsen will be lucky to get 6 wins this season…BUT let’s see

You mean the coaches don’t agree with coogfan posters on who the best players are !


We have had OLine issues going back to 2014. We remember the reason Levine finally relented and put Ward in as the starter was he ran for his life better than the statue O’Korn. The 2015 as great as they were had massive injuries and had to start a true freshman at some point. The 2016 team struggled to protect Kyle Allen and when the more mobile King played they got better because he could escape trouble and make something out of nothing. The line played better than expected last season, but King still got injured.

We know the defensive recruiting issues and DH didn’t take 9 transfers for this side of the ball because we were stacked.

I don’t think there is really a position group on this roster that couldn’t use an infusion of talent. I see 2 good recruiting years plus using the transfer portal to really get the depth and talent back where we should be.

I think the last few games and if we see QB play like yesterday I really expect to bring a transfer in at that position too.


Holy guacamole you win the Coogfans literary devices.