Lets save some time and typing

I’ll say it once, and everyone else can save time by hitting the “heart” tab in the lower right hand corner . . . . . Fire Dana . . . . . Now we can keep this off of every other stream . . . . .


Fire Pez, too


It would be nice to reach a settlement financially with him so that we can part ways at the end of this season without paying for the full buyout but still paying him enough for him to be “happy” and leave.

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Fire whoever decided to not open the store outside the stadium on game days.




Well, there are no potential Ws remaining on the schedule to sway the vote. But lose any of the remaining 3 and look out…

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Fire continuity.


At the beginning of the year did anyone think these last three games would be anymore than routs?

Now we have a coach talking about a “HOT” Temple team that is 3-6 and people thinking ECU is most likely a loss……

Think about that for a minute……now tell me this entire season and coaching staff have not been a train wreck….

And the fact that we have a HEAD coach that lists every excuse in the book and then says “ but nobody wants to hear that” and “ it’s no excuse”……this guy is a walking contradiction.

Bottom line….if these guys had prepared the team and put in the time to be a CHAMPIONSHIP team we would not have a season like this.

We have a basketball coach that lost 40% of his starting lineup……The staff made adjustments on the fly and played to the strengths of the guys he had left.
They went to the elite 8!!!

For the love of whatever you love, QUIT making excuses for this guy!!!

Before the season starts you tell your family you are not going to see them much…. You are going to have 80 hour weeks and sleep on couches in the office for a few hours sometimes……but you do what you have to for your players to put them in a position to win……these guys have not done that……not even close.


What family I thought he was single he has all the time in the world to get his team ready


My doc says my fingers need the work out…so slamming DH helps me do that


The directions said push the heart.

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I TOTALLY thought this is where we could be, but I was also optimistic.
I told my Nebraska buddy that last year we were a paper tiger that could have lost another five games. And that was against a weak schedule.
BUT we DID win those games. And Tune played very well against sub .500 teams. But not that good against >.500 teams.
I thought we would struggle since many of our games against weaker competition came down to the wire. This year, we are losing those games.


Counting SMU? I would guess most knew that wouldn’t be a blow out since we went down to the wire last year at home. Throw in a returning QB, WR strength, and playing in Dallas, that was always one of the tougher games on our schedule.

If you meant Navy, USF, Temple then yeah those were the bottom of the schedule for sure.

Yes, I’m talking about the last three games……they would have been seen as three easy games that should be won by 20 + points….

Eva’s knows what they are doing……it’s a 20 point spread……so even with all these injuries and all the excuses we are favored by THREE touchdowns.
What does that tell you guys ?

Seriously, I want to know from all the pro Dana guys what that means?
It tells you Vegas thinks we should blow them out……they know everything about injuries, etc. they don’t just throw numbers out there……
So guys, tells us how this is a “hot” team and how difficult this games is going to be.

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Still not following how we should have been expected to beat SMU by 20. UCF and Cincy were both only 3.5 point favorites, TCU and Cincy didn’t blow them out. Anybody looking at the schedule before week 1 saying we beat SMU by 3 TDs had some serious Coog red glasses on.

Temple, for sure I see the 20 point spread and agree with it. I don’t over analyze the coach speak stuff. Sampson loves to talk up teams before games that we know will be a cake walk.


I was once a Dana protector.
I was stupid.


If we win out, that’s 8 wins, if we go 7-5 and win the bowl game that’s 8 wins. All is good because “we fire coaches for 8 wins”. I never bought into the Playoff buster hype but I also never thought we’d be sweating Temple to get bowl eligible. It’s a turd pie no matter how you slice it.


I notice he says that just about every presser after a loss. It is like double speak, “nobody wants to hear it” Damn Right we don’t! So stop saying it! Because you are making excuses Coach.


If you would have asked me at.the beginning of the season, I would have told you we were not going blow out ECU playing them at home.

ECU, SMU, Memphis, Tulane were my expected tough conference games.

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