Levi’s uses AI models to promote diversity - How does government regulate this?

Diversity? Absolutely. Inclusion? Not at all.

Are the programmers who generate these models diverse? Can white programmers create minority AI Models? Is the executive board of the AI program company diverse?

Can the government make this illegal to do? Isn’t that anti-capitalism?

We’re starting to finally see the reason why Artificial Intelligence and Capitalism do not fully align with each other both economically and socially.

Why regulate? It’s essentially animation.

As long as you aren’t stealing anyone’s image, like deepfakes, not sure that it matters.

It may end my career at some point in the TV biz though.

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Sorry but as a Hispanic myself, if Hispanic generated-AI models replace actual Hispanic human actors, then it better be a Hispanic programmer or an Hispanic-owned AI company generating those models.

Having white or Asian (generalizing here to prove my point) programmers creating minority AI models completely defeats the purpose of diversity and INCLUSION.

I saw a comment that basically they chose to do this instead of actually paying for more diverse models. How bo one said this doesn’t sound like a good idea, I just don’t know.

Not sure what the government can regulate here as the advertisements would be covered by 1st amendment

AI is effectively the nuclear weapon of the 21st century. As such, it should not be allowed in the hands of ordinary private citizens or corporations. The government should be the only allowed buyer of AI, and that is because we know China, Russia and Iran are developing AI to use against us, so we need to maintain investment in the tech to counteract them.

Fake models are just the beginning. They already use AI to answer phones, take food orders, moderate internet sites, and to post content on those sites as well. Soon it will be used to replace much white collar work. They are also using it to fly drones for the military.

At some point, the only thing people will still be able to do is farm, at least until androids replace us there too.

The issue here is not simply some sort of Terminator/Sky Net technopocalypse. The real fear is one of economic concentration, social stratification and destruction of free enterprise.

For any Sci Fi nerds familiar with the “Dune” saga, in that series, early in history thinking machines (i.e. robots) had replaced people in most tasks, effectively turning people into their servants. However, it wasn’t that robots took over the world; what happened was that those who controlled the thinking machines controlled the economy and society. People revolted and destroyed all thinking machines and outlawed them.

Obviously I am not suggesting that we go that far, but the premise of the story is completely accurate and is slowly coming to fruition: That those who control the technology will control not only our economy but our whole society from top to bottom. The result will be extreme economic stratification and declining intelligence for the vast majority of the human race.

This future is closer than you all might think.

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No idea what the original post is asking.


Well, that’s why the “World Economic Forum” exists.

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They will just have to have a national salary otherwise unrest and rebellion so corporate taxes will go up. People need an income regardless so there is a limit on AI.

I doubt people will be happy just receiving a check to do nothing.

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True but in many oil states like under kadafi in Lybia back then , they just paid the citizens a national salary to keep peace bc they were oil rich with no job base. They simply didn’t have enough jobs. So AI is good but people need work and rebellion would happen if AI took too many and the unemployment rate went to 25 or 35 percent. It’s a tough call but has limits bc people need work or an income so I’d see taxes going up. The oil states are a good ex of what will happen if AI takes too many jobs then it becomes counter productive bc of taxes on businesses.

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