Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Happy Independence Day Coog Nation. Special appreciation to those that serve or have served to protect our rights and liberties as citizens of this great nation. God Bless America and Go Coogs


Happy Birthday, America!


242 years of freedom.
Happy Birthday America!!!

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Awesome posting Cary. I can definitely relate to our Australian friend . I invite everyone to visit and spend some time on the Prager University website.

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Not sure if your post Is a joke or I’m misinterpreting it.

If you are suggesting America is a bad place then why do so many people flee their country to come here? Also, if you think it’s such a horrible place then why don’t you leave?

Also, when you call it home of the slave? You should do a refresher course of history. People came to America because they were fleeing from religious persecution. Irony is that people are now being persecuted about their religion all over again. Also slavery existed way before America was even discovered. Do you know who the Egyptians had as slaves?

So either I am way off on what you’re trying to say here or you were way off and don’t know what you’re talking about.

If the latter, you should be ashamed of your comments. It is a slap in the face to my friends and family who have died for this country to give freedom to everyone who lives in it.


Amen. A grand experiment but still the greatist country in the history of the world. Words simply cannot portray my appreciation for the dedicated individuals that have served and sacrificed to insure my liberties.

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Amen. America - Love it or leave it.

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This is why their should be a political forum on this board.


Please do not ever put a political forum on the site, it was my biggest regret when I did it on Scout.


As a native, where would I go? What did the creation of this nation do to us? Where were the christian “values” then?

I completely get understand …its just I’ve seen some topics unecessarily turn political on here when there is no reason for it lol.

It created a nation where you could ask the questions you are asking. It created a country where freedoms that had never before been realized were able to develop. It was the first major power that said there are rights that are bestowed upon us by God that no government can infringe upon. It doesn’t mean that there haven’t been bad people in this country or times were our leaders make mistakes, but rather it is a place where people can continue to push to be the best version of themselves.

Where would you go? Anywhere (although I wouldn’t suggest North Korea)! Isn’t that kind of freedom remarkable! That is what is great about this country. You can pretty much go where you want, because free markets have created the wealth for individuals to live better than any other society or culture has ever lived in the history of the world.

More importantly, for this board, the creation of this nation created a space where we can celebrate the fantastic education we received and sports teams we support.


Cary answered this VERY well. And just a side bit, my grandmother was half Cherokee and I have heard many stories. As Cary said there are bad and good people in this world. There were Natives that killed Christians and vice versa. Hopefully we can learn from our history and not repeat it instead of people rewriting it and forgetting the truth.

Please remove this from the Football board.