Linda Livingstone

No joke, Paula Poundstone over Linda Livingstone!


Can you name anyone on the BU team, staff, or administration that was involved with that when Briles was there? Why should the people at BU now have to pay for things done before they ever got there? That sounds un-American to me.

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I guess forgiveness is hard for some.


I’m not a Baylor supported but that issue could have been a UH issue if Briles had stayed with us. We dodged a major bullet and never would have recovered being a G5.

Our admin’s would have canned him soon as they found out things weren’t kosher, 2 different academic cultures


Uncle Dave would not have let that happen on his watch. I think it is a small town issue involving a private university.


I essentially agree with you. I do think that Universities that get out of line (mostly with recruiting) need to be watched over time even after people get fired. Why? They don’t fire the boosters.

When programs cheat the athletes that come afterwards are punished all the time. They are deprived of the chance to win things. People are punished by their institutional relationships all the time.

I actually think Livingstone is being promoted by the conference in an attempt to completely erase Baylor’s recent history.

I think they’re scared to death that #metoo is going to wake up one day and say, “wait a minute! Baylor was doing what?!”

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Murder, rape, cover up, no big deal for Baylor, just par.


Don’t forget cat-killing.