Line out for Arizona game

3.5 Coogs tell me what you think

I think Vegas has to set a line based on how people will bet and not how they think the game will go. Anyone that bets on this game without even knowing who the starting QB will be has expendable funds.

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Sounds about right. We’ll cover!

We’re favored by 3.5? Big Ed effect.

It’s anybody’s guess.

About right.

I think that line has a lot to do with the fact that Arizona gave up 562 yards of offense to Northern Arizona. We haven’t played a game yet, but I would think most people would put money on the UH offense being better than Northern Arizona. Plus, of Arizona’s 595 yards of offense, 506 came on the ground. There’s not even a snowball’s chance in hell that they’ll be able to run on our front 7 like that. I think the only reason the line is not a lot more than 3.5 is because we haven’t played a game yet. Arizona’s defense is horrendous. While there are certainly question marks on our defense, I like our chances of winning comfortably this week.


This. Their defense is still Swiss cheese and was ranked 107th a year ago. I believe we can run the ball and stop the run better than they can.

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And, Arizona was able to hold NAU to only 24 points because NAU turned the ball over 3 times. If we take care of the ball, I think we win this one easily.

Yup. 24 points is a lot to be giving up to a FCS team. lol They have some work to do on that defense.

We will learn a lot about our linebackers and secondary Saturday. Arizona will attack the edge because they will know going up the middle will not work. They have a lot of speed and the key is going to be to not let them turn the corner,


There’s the rub. Mistakes like that are common place in a first game. This would have been much easier with a game under our belts.

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The only thing I can predict about the Arizona game is the micromanagement that happens on the forum during the game. Any dropped balls, incomplete passes, missed blocking assignments, blown coverages and penalties will be amplified in threads , and that’s if we are ahead.