Link to CDH’s Little Woodrow’s show 9/11/19

Anyone got one? I can’t find it.

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Also interested

I haven’t found a link, but I listened live through the Tune In App. Dana does not pull punches.

Things I remember.

  1. Very critical of previous coaching admins handling of redshirts. Very. Tom and Major both. Never mentioned them by name, but mentioned how he has 4 year seniors that would not have their degree yet. I didn’t think about it, but that extra year for a redshirt helps. That’s why he’s trying to redshirt seniors, not just for the program, but to give them the full college experience.

  2. He kind of bagged on the Advocare game. He’s all for neutral site games, but doesn’t like the Friday part, and doesn’t like that both OU and WSU got NRG instead of TDECU. He said their would be no more of that under his watch (we’ll see). He favors NRG if it is a one off, but not as the home in a 1-1. Should have been played in week zero, but Leach said no way sucker (my words).

There was some fun stuff with his family and such. A little odd, but I enjoyed it.

He’s a straight shooter, loves it here, and seems like he will be working hard to get the program to the point of if re-alignment happens, UH will be a first choice (but he has zero idea of what will happen).

He did cough a little bit, so the poster that was offended by that might not want to listen to these shows.

I heard him speak of the redshirt thing before he said earlier this year we had 3 senior offensive lineman that didn’t redshirt which is unheard of for that position group.

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I hope he has that cough checked out.

He had it the entire time he was at WVU too. Just gotta get used to it.

Leach has it too, must have been taught