List of hoop offers/scholarship chart

This site is usually accurate.

Question re Cedric Alley. How does Texas player of the year rate only 2*?

Probably considered a tweener by recruiting services.

Because he didn’t commit to a big 12 team !


It doesn’t matter what the services think of him Coach Sampson is really high on him and thinks he is going to be a great player for us.

He had Tech & AM offers for sure. I thought he was a solid 3 star.

Even undersized he has the frame to play close to the basket next year. Will be tough on the break.
As he develops a dependable long range jump shot he will be a mismatch most of the time.

Basketball recruiting sites are even worse than football. Money isn’t there so the big sites don’t put resources to it. AAU season keeps guys from going to camps like in football, and even if they do, there are so many scammers that take advantage of those that try to go and scout or watch. Pimps and runners rule the recruiting world.

NCAA should reall do something to clean it up, but the big time coaches got rich because of the system and don’t really care if it changes and football takes up too much of the admin are only concerned with football.

Except Valentine is a Jr.

And the two UMass transfers are sitting out at Howard JC, and will be in the same class with White and Adewunmi. Not Harris and Brooks.

Are we redshirting Cedric this year?


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UT rating system

Next year we should have a great team, but in two years I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Sweet 16 appearance. Call me a Pollyanna.


I just wish we had Rob and Wes for one more year. Those guys really deserve to see the program shoot to higher elevations.

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Rob should make an NBA squad next year. His ability to create his own shot will be a plus for him and he’s a pretty good defender with a good work ethic. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him drafted in the 2nd round.

It’ll be interesting to see what Van Beck does. He could probably find a spot in Europe and have a decent career over there with his shooting ability, but I’ve heard he also wants to get into coaching.

In any case, I agree that it would be nice to have them around. Still, this team isn’t done yet and has a chance to make some noise come tourney time.

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Both have been huge pieces in our resurgence and both should feel very proud if we make Dance. That said, I really wish that Rob, WVB and Devn would have gotten to play their senior seasons in the new arena.

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I think he’s played in two games already, right? Stats on his bio at says he’s played 2 games for 13 minutes.

Yes, Cedric is redshirting even with the minutes he played early on.