Litter boxes in bathroom for kids that identify as cats

Agreed. And they aren’t large enough in number to make a difference except to the Outrage Machine. Compassion might be a better tool than condemnation.


The furries thing is an adult deal and has been around a long time. They know exactly what they are* and do it for the thrills.

*of course, you can always find someone with actual delusions…

If only we had decent mental health care in this country…isn’t that what people should be advocating for instead of blowing up on non-existent problems?

Sorry…not non existent…it ‘exists’ to provide cover to the religious rights war on LGBTQ…


As I said though.

Never saw it when I was a kid.

Never happened in any school, public or private, that I ever attended.

Must be a millennial thing.

Adult furries have been around for decades. There simply isn’t a furry issue in public schools…you’ve cited a singe girl, literally on the other side of the planet, as an example.

The entire ‘litter box’ thing this thread was created on was a complete fabrication.

Yet, your language is as though this is current problem…“a millennial thing.”

How do you get there? That’s a patently absurd thought process.


I say it’s a millennial thing simply because, at least at the non-adult level, even you must admit that it a) HASN’T been around for decades, and b) was never seen by people OUR AGE in schools.

Only among MILLENIALS has this become a YOUTH sub-culture, and one, as I said, some schools will apparently accommodate in various ways.

Again, when I was in school, we had to answer teacher’s questions, present projects in class, participate in music, etc., even in early grades. That required everyone that was in a class that wasn’t designed for non-verbal, intellectually disabled kids (i.e., special ed classes) to speak.

I can’t imagine how these “furry” kids get out of that, or how schools get around that in accommodating them and allowing them to be non-verbal during school hours.

It’s a non-existent problem …drummed up by right wing, evangelical nutballs to justify their attacks on the LGBT community.

The “OURAGE” is based on something that simply does not exist in schools. It’s literally fake news and you’ve fallen for it.




Not according to the article I posted.

It’s out there.

Haha in your head. One example and you talk about it as a generational thing. Just weird thinking


Pulled from a ‘woke’ thread and perfectly applies here…


I think we need people identify as cats with full rights

Litter boxes , milk and cat food in every office and schools


I’m not Australian, I don’t plan to be Australian, they can do whatever they want in that one private school.

Who’s to say that the same thing couldn’t happen here?

If/when it does, then what should be the appropriate response?

I’d like to hear any ideas you may have in that regard.

If it can happen in Australia, then it can certainly happen here as well.


When a private school decides to take the same approach as the private school in Australia, I just don’t support them with tuition or any other funding. Beyond that, I just roll my eyes at their ridiculousness. Simple.


Here you go

It’s more important than 1/6 and fake elector federal crimes.

Only people with a abnormal interest in children are fixated on this.

You ought to be more concerned with grown men who make sexual comments in regard to their daughters and random underage girls.


That this is where he’s getting his news explains everything.

This guy also did this report. And he’s probably blind to the fact Satanism is just another religion regarding the Constitution.

This is some crazy stuff: