Litter boxes in bathroom for kids that identify as cats

Fun fact: Satan told the truth in the Garden of Eden. It was God who was the liar.

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Plus this brand of Satanism actually has nothing to do with Satan or other devil figures.

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My point is that these types of “reports” are designed to get people to give money - it’s a form of GoFundMe for the politically insane. The guarantee is that he will never run out of outrages for you to respond to - this is political televangelism.


Maybe they had an adverse reaction to a good deal of the Christians in the US amplifying their faith along with their hypocrisy. Or maybe they just have TDS.

Hey, I’m just preachin’ to the choir. :wink:

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The Victorians dressed their boys in dresses (that means their fathers approved).

Obviously homosexuality proliferated and it brought about the end of civilization.