Locked and you guys know why--> RIP Justice Ginsburg

A true pioneer that will be missed :cry:


May she rest in peace.


Regardless of your politics, you have to respect her accomplishments.

And, she was best buds with Scalia and I always appreciate someone that can get along so well with someone from the other political side. We need more of that in this world.


Is there a movie about her?

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Rest in peace Justice

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Notorious RBG


She advanced the status of women in this country.

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Remember friends, when she graduated she could not find a job because she was a woman.
This shows everyone how our country has evolved and progressed. This alone is a victory for everyone.
Rest In Peace Justice


Another local girl from James Madison HS of Brooklyn.

RGB graduated law school and followed her husband to Oklahoma, where he was in the Army. She worked at the Social Security office. When she became pregnant, she was demoted. Can any of you imagine the women in your lives being treated that way? She and Sandra Day O’Connor were trailblazers. No wonder she was driven. Left behind 26 grandchildren. A life well lived.

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It’s entitled “On the Basis of Sex.”

It’s VERY good.

Felicity Jones plays a young RBG.

One thing’s for sure. The Left likely WILL NOT like whomever Trump names as a replacement.

If it were to be Amy Barrett…then WHOOOOOOOA NELLIE!!!



Not quite.

She did that after she finished COLLEGE.

She later attended Harvard Law School, then Columbia, and after that became a Professor at Rutgers Law School.

I Think you might want to either check your typing your math on those grandchildren.

Don’t think 26 is close. Not by a long ways. I think it was closer to 6.

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No politics here even if I agree with you.

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Can’t type, can’t remember, can’t forget. However, I used to be married, so I’m used to being wrong. That comes naturally.

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Amy Barrett would be a great replacement…if the Presidential election is contested…there has to be a tie breaker in place!That being said…RBG was a remarkable woman!


A great lady and pioneer of women’s right. Her love for Scalia shows politics can be overcome


This is going to get locked before you know it.

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