Did Houston Football Miss Their Chance To Gain Momentum Heading Into The Big 12?

What are your thoughts?

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You could’ve titled this thread a lot better but anywho

Every game other than Kansas have been one score games. We could be 5-1. We could be 0-6. Yet here we are at 3-3.

We still have the entire season to go and still have a chance to make it to a CCG. We have to stop the penalties and crappy play calling. We have the talent albeit facing injuries, but I think if we can fix the issues at hand we can actually win games and not come down to nail biters

Yeah, I tried keeping it short & simple before jumping on an interview call hehe.

Next time.

Hmmm. Could have made a similar post in 1975. How did that work out?

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I hear you, but do we have a lot of red shirts we are
stockpiling ?

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Our Freshmen, cept for Golden, seem to be redshirting.

Any other Freshmen playing?

Saving Alton and Co. for B12.

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And the real playbook.