LOL Finebaun Show

Caught a few moments at lunch for some quality entertainment. Classic, the inbreeds we’re melting down…you’d have thought Bama got rolled by The Salvation Army Academy 70-14​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Ps-why is everybody in the SEC-SEC-SEC “we”…my Ag buddies are unbearable with that


A lot of grocery store cashiers in Alabama went to work with black eyes today. They forget how things were before St Nick arrived. The whole “SEC SEC” garbage is great to hear from A&M, since they’ve been in the SEC for all of 5 minutes. They fell right in line with the other inbreds.

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The Aggie cult fit right in with the rest of the inbreds in the SEC.


Don’t get me wrong – any school’s fanbase would like to have what Bama has had in the last decade and change. But when your team loses so infrequently, one loss must feel like the end of the world.

Again, I would take the Tide’s success and trophies any day, but there is some comfort in not feeling like the sky is falling when you go 14-1 with a loss in the title game.

I think most of us would accept the sky is falling feeling for a chance to play for the National Championship (again and again).


When you win, everyone is a fan. When you lose, everyone is a coach


Depends on the loss, I think.

Seeing as I am a Coog with 2 Aggie kids, I can assure you they are not inbred. You embarrass yourself and UH with these comments. Stay classy Coogs.


When you think one dimensionally and refuse to even watch or listen it must be hard to understand the real world. My kid chose Alabama. It wasn’t my choice but after experiencing 2 years with him there I am very happy with his choice and more importantly, he is too. If you can’t be a Coog, then being an Alabama fan isn’t a bad choice.
If you want to get better at something you put yourself in a position to learn from the best, not bury your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist or that you are in your position because everyone hates you.


The best thing about ATM being in the SEC is that they will never win a conference championship…ever.


LOVED watching the SEC channel during the game. Booger McFarland looked like he got hit by a car. Usually these guys can’t stop talking…but there was lots of dead air in the room. Priceless.

I was at the game and waited along many Alabama fans for my Uber ride. I heard a few who mentioned how they were already over Tua and ready for a new qb. I was perplexed.

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I wish that we would have the opportunity to fall in line with the SEC.

For sure, the anti SEC rhetoric is out of jealousy

It’s a love / hate thing. Everybody wants to hang with the best and be the best and if you are neither then it’s frustrating. You hate the ones that are always in the running for the best and love for the underdog to win.