LOL. Hunter in hiding

Classy guy.

Sounds like he’s using the same legal playbook as Trump.

Hunter needs to face up to his obligations. I can tell you this, I won’t vote for Hunter.




LOL. Hunter in hiding



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Apparently, Hunter is not in hiding, unlike peppercorn.


The following is a comprehensive list of dems, libs, socialists, et al., who care about Hunter Biden:

I could give two spits about Hunter. If his dad did anything fishy, fine. Get him.

We can be such a silly country sometimes.

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Troll comes out of hiding.

That troll is peppercorn…

Why should we care?

Don Jr. has blown more lines than a B-movie actor. Hunter might be a crummy person, too.

Any of you out there had good parents and some siblings didn’t turn out well? Or are you good parents who had a child or two go astray?

If Hunter broke the law and can be prosecuted, he should be. If Don Jr. is using Bolivian marching powder and is caught, he should be prosecuted. Maybe Trump and Biden are to blame for their kids’ shortcomings, but does it matter?