LOL! Some OU fans think our win was a conspiracy

…to get us in the BIG12 and the refs were in on it…

Now this is rich:

Well, obviously it has to be a conspiracy and the refs are in on it. Can’t give credit to your opponent. :sleeping:

I love the guy complaining about no calls on holding; was he watching his own O-Line who were pulling guys around as their running backs ran by early in the game. Go back to the first TD and watch our DLine get twisted and pulled out of the way. Oh yeah, and, in regards to bad penalties, the catch interference was a ticky tack call and I’m not sure our guy even touched him (not to mention the very late waving of the hand). I’ll give them the non-overturned fumble; they did get screwed on that one, but there was no video that showed the ball when his knee went down. It happens; maybe your guy should try to hold on to the ball better against a team known for stripping ball carriers. And the pass interference early on was pass interference whether the announcers thought so or not. The defender was holding Dunbar’s arm which is why he could only get one arm up. That’s pass interference.

I thought the refs were competent; they decided early on they weren’t going to call holding (think they called it once late when the game was already decided) and they made a few bad calls. Much better than our normal AAC refs.

My favorite was the guy who said that he is in favor of UH joining the Big-12 as long as Oklahoma leaves. Yeah sucker. Go ahead and leave the Big-12 and try to take all of those Texas high school recruits with you. OU and OSU (Mr. Gunday) have lived off the Texas schoolboy tit all of my life time. I had an Oklahoma relative once tell me that before each season he went over the OU roster, and if over half the players were from Texas he knew they’d have a good year. I don’t know the make up of their current roster but can guarantee you one thing sight unseen, it’s made up of 1/2 Texas boys. So go ahead and leave Oklahoma and OSU, try to make it with Oklahoma recruits. You’s be sharing a conference with Montana State soon. p.s. I’ve never been fond of my Oklahoma relatives either. Stupid people.

M’eh. Its called home cooking bizatch! They were big 12 refs btw. lol

I’ve always liked Oklahoma. I don’t know where their animosity comes from.

Big Ed would have had 4 sacks if not for their holding. Add one each for the rest of our pass rushers.

Love this from Winston12
"It looks like instead of complaining and making up excuses, you all need to stay the hell out of Texas until you’re ready to play a man’s game."

I saw a few times our D-linemen get tackled to the ground with no calls, a lot of holding too as I couldn’t keep my eyes off #10 on defense so I had a great view on those holds, lol. The stupid fumble on the 1 actually could have been a td for us. The replay showed a Cougar getting the ball first on the ground, then a Sooner stripping it from him. Of course they weren’t going to overturn that because it would have officially ended the game. I also thought the punt catch interference was a bad call. Too late of a fair catch, looked like a Sooner pushed him, and was there even any contact? Overall, not bad officiating and couldn’t change the fact that the Sooners were over matched.

I would say OU got their share of mystery calls as well- maybe I was watching another game-

Mystery calls that come to mind …

In favor of UH: Two pass interference calls against OU that looked like good pass coverage

In favor of OU: Player rather blatently grabbed GW Jr.'s facemask with no flag
ETA: In favor of OU: Highly questionable interference with opportunity to catch a punt

I’ll add a blatant holding call by OU on the edge that wasn’t called. There were a couple bad calls each way, but I feel that it was generally called even.

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They’re lucky UH fumble by the end zone and UH wasn’t trying to pile it on in the 4th quarter.

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Watched the game again yesterday. There were two blatant facemask calls right in front of ref - I mean the refs were looking at them - that were not made. Actually one was a grabbing the helmet and the other a pure face mask. So bad calls pretty much evened out. Bunch of whiners.

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The refereeing really wasn’t that bad. There were a ton of no-calls along both lines. The refs for the most part let the big boys play.

Stay off of other schools boards. It is not a good look. I hate when douches go there and talk trash after the game. Doesn’t matter what they say, have some class.

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If we want to be in a conference with them, get used to it. In the mind of OU Fan Guy, they have never had a legitimate loss in history

Heard refs were B12 and replay refs were American.

There’s medication that can help the OU fans with their delusion.

Maura… I don’t post there, was just reading.

Yeah, I should’ve been more specific. Should have said post on other boards. Coog fan on second page of thread is who I was referring to.

Strangely, I didn’t hear anything but compliments from OU fans as we left the game – and in the parking lot. In fact, a couple of clearly unhappy guys said, “You were the better team today – there will be another day.” I said, we hope so. No bad blood.

Yeah I have heard good things too, I just posted this one for its over the top absurdity, especially in light of all the obstacles we have endured for 2 decades.

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