Why are we not a part of this?


Sadly, it appears to be a UT initiative.

Yep, our company used TACC before and unfortunately it’s another UT Austin thing.
Our state higher education oversight board is too weak and too focused on seeing College Station and Austin remain the prima donnas in this state.

This was also a head scratcher when they wanted to setup the data science center in Houston with TACC being in Austin. Compute power and high speed file systems and large data are all linked together. One needs the other.

This probably is a partial explanation, https://hpedsi.uh.edu/ The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute](https://hpedsi.uh.edu/)

How does that computer compare to the one UH acquired?
If they are comparable UH was 6 years ahead.

New Supercomputer Allows for Massive Data Analysis in Less Time

TACC has theoretical limit of 3 petaflops (“10 to 15th power) ;Opuntia (UH)was at 707 Teraflops (10 to 12th power)
and used NFS filesytems, which is IO limiting. It had/has 206 nodes, which is modest.
Just for example , oil industry was clumping together thousands of nodes.

But it was 6 years ago, which is ancient in compute hardware,so not fair comparison.
I might add Moore’s Law was that compute power doubled every 18 months , so roughly
speaking , today’s cores are 8 times more powerful.

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