Look For

the big configuration to come after this pandemic clears. One year? Two? I predict everything will be up for grabs. TV deals, you name it. Just sayin’.


Agreed, this pandemic is putting a lot of things in perspective, we will see major changes in lots of things, hopefully UH can take advantage.

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Yes sir, if we can end up in a better affiliation to
play for a real national championship that would be
the one big advantage to this whole thing. I fear that’s only wishful thinking however.

I wish the NFL would step up and embrace the XFL
with funding ( sorry I can’t see the Rock having deep enough pockets) so college players who may lose their last season of ball, have a chance to carry on their dream. That may even allow the college game to return to a more pure contest of student athletes.
Colleges feed the XFL which feeds the NFL with players. Please feel free to tear up my altruistic dream !

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