Looking ahead on the schedule

navy is going to be a rout, which is a shame because we could use a sos boost about now…
tulsa and ucf should be fun home games, those teams are improving offensively, defense is terrible.
smu better than last year but should be a wide margin of victory…and tulane is still tulane.
loserville is still the best game on the schedule and still important despite the loss to clemson last night…should be a great chance for ward to out shine jackson.
Memphis scares me a bit, they could be undefeated in conference play, we play at thier place, it will be cold and we will have just played our most difficult game of the year…how healthy will we be, how dinged up?
could be a real test…

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Maybe. They are not very talented, but have made a major upgrade in coaching. This is a team the Coogs need to put away early. If they hang around, a turnover/bad bounce, etc. could undo our entire season.

Navy played poorly on the road vs Air Force. Makes me wonder if they were not looking ahead to UH at their place. We may well see a lot of the teams on our schedule play poorly the week before us.

Ummm, no. Navy is a unique program - conference standing is their 3rd priority, behind beating Army and the CIC trophy.

I simply cannot believe that Navy would look past another service academy for ANYONE. Period.

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Of all teams in our division, I think playing Memphis on the road will be a tough game.


Our next 5 games aren’t that difficult. Need to jump out early on all of them and win impressively.

Navy’s QB isn’t good and we shut down the run. Tulsa has a good offense that might give us trouble, but no D, SMU is baaaaaad with Their QB out, UCF is feisty, but we shouldn’t have too many problems, we have 2 weeks to prepare for a bad Tulane team. Then it’s Louisville. I think we’ll beat Memphis on the road. Not sure if they’re good or not. Then, hopefully USF in the AAC Championship; good team, but we match up well with them.

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