Looking at the film, some thing we need to correct fast

Jack Freeman need to get stronger if we plan to run the ball. He was push back in all most every play. He was push back in passing and when we ran the ball.

When we shift two men on the opposite side and tried to run, UTSA would blitz.

Stop playing prevent defense with 23, 18 second to play. We need to stay truth to stop
the QB.
Move tank Dell around, like when we played Auburn and Cincinnati.
Fix the Offensive line.


Makes sense

Freeman spent so much time in the backfield he could have been a fullback.

In his defense, the dude opposite is a Sunday player


send an email to Coach w/ your observations


I just sent an email with “his” observations and physical address. LOL


We had guys there to make the play on both passes. The first was just a really d throw and catch and the 2nd JC needed to turn his head and true the coverage behind him.
The good news is I saw some nice improvements in coverage (save the last possession) and on the OL when it mattered the most.

Here comes the internet coaches :grin: jk


To late to get stronger now lol, that should have been addressed in the off season, we have lots of issues to fix, we still don’t know how to tackle, way to many missed tackles


That’s what I saw too at the game. Tune held the ball too long. After 3.5 seconds, if the play isn’t there, throw it away and live to play another down.


one play. he was pushed back. rewatch the film. #33 rushed him quick. other than that watching from home the commentators said Tune had plenty of time to throw the ball.

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That wasn’t prevent defense. He rushed 3. And dropped more into coverage. Where did you defenders 20 yards back?

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Not a criticism of Tune but an observation.

On more than one occasion, Tune took a sack or hit holding the ball too long. He always had a short outlet pass but was trying to force something downfield.

Hope this is corrected.

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when you rush 3 player and set 7 or more player to prevent a long pass that is prevent
defense. when your player are set back normal than regular drop to prevent a long pass
that is prevent defense.

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Tune did hold the ball to long. You need to watch the whole game. Jack was push back
many times, Jack was being beat around the middle many times. Tune did a good job beating the rush. The coaches will fit this. Tech will try to exploit this.

I did not say we need Pancakes. I have not seen Pancakes play. I said let the coaches
fix what we have.

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I did not say it is time for Pancake.

Rather, I merely asked.

Reading about Freeman hereon it seems like a good question.

This is something that I’ve noticed has been a trend with Tune throughout his career here. He almost never throws the ball away. Sometimes that leads to incredible plays, but a lot of the time, it leads to sacks and QB hits. He doesn’t seem to have the “clock” in his head that better QBs have.

That said, I’m not confident that’s not something that’s being coached into him by Dana.


I can only compare the 2nd half of Tech last year vs. the 2nd half of the game Saturday. Big improvement.


The dt got hurt

It feels like he’s made a change to hold onto the ball more rather than chucking it up into coverage when he takes a hit, and that’s undoubtedly an improvement, but it’s still not ideal.