Looking at the Roster…

It seems most people agree that our weak area this year has been the O Line.

Looking at the roster, we have 20 O Linemen listed.


And one of the seniors (center) transferred in this year.

Tell me again about the great recruiting of Herman and Apple Boy.


It truly is astonishing!

Dana has had a gargantuan job to obtain a quality OL.


I didn’t realize it was that bad


And people questioned why CDH did his redshirt thing. Had he not done what he did, this year would look a lot like the last 2 years. Cincy has about 30 seniors in their 2 deep; that’s how you get really good. I think we can conclude that CDH knows what he is doing, why he is doing it, and is setting us up for sustained success. I’m not saying every year will be like this one, but it won’t be boom and bust. Boom and bang is understandable and tolerable.


How many linemen have transferred out or left early in the last three years?

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Yeah, I’m still not a fan of his recruiting, but I totally understand his philosophy of having a mature roster.

I had no idea our team was so young when he took over as HC. That has been the most revealing part since Dana started coaching. Dana even mentioned once how apart from creating a more experienced team, developing players gradually and maturing them is a way to protect their bodies. It’s a safety issue.

I don’t know or care. They are not here.

Are they really that young or is that just saying redshirt freshman or RS sophomore. Which really makes them soph jrs.

I don’t think all of our freshman are 18-19 year olds.

I think 2 are shown as RS. One is starting, Paul.

You’re trying to make a point with incomplete information.

Going back thru the recruiting, we have had one leave the program other than graduation since 2016.

One other that we have recruited twice that has not qualified either time.

I know of Wooten and Williams (edit).

Jones graduated. Wooten would be a 2nd but I did not count him as he would have qualified for graduation as well.

What is even more telling is that during the Herman/Applewhite years, we didn’t recruit the offensive line well.

In 2018, we signed Bo Alexander (JC), Max Banes, Jack Freeman, and Kameron Lewis.
In 2017, we signed Dennis Bardwell… that is it.
In 2016 we signed Keenan Murphy, Dixie Wooten and Na’Ty Rodgers (a JC).

These signings are just not enough to keep us stocked in the O Line.

Our recruiting of Offensive Linemen, numbers-wise was awful during those years.


And there is still a lot work needed in this area. Of the 20 OL on the roster, it looks like five may be walk ons. Four freshmen and one sophomore I don’t see them on the recruiting list.

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This is accurate and can be applied to every major sport in college. The difference seniors and sophomores is like AAA pro baseball vs the instructional level. And usually separates the top three or four teams from the rest of the conference.

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You must not have been listening to him, he repeatedly complained about the lack of experience and non use of the redshirt program by his predecessors.


I remember him saying his first year here that we had 3 seniors starting that didn’t redshirt. He said he had never seen that in all his years coaching. Oline more than any other position you need maturity and continuity to have success.


Seems like the readers are completing it…teamwork ! :sunglasses:

You cannot hide what a disaster Herman and Apple Boy were !!

I worry that it could be the deciding factor in the game this Saturday…Hope not.


It wasn’t good.

Love the future, though.


That’s a nice crew.

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