Looking back at D’Eriq King

Tune is now having a way better season for a way better team than King.

I guess the grass isn’t always greener!


It would be interesting to know how well the Coogs would have fared with King at QB.

Hard for me to believe it would have made much difference given our 11-1 season.

If Tune continues to develop as I expect he will and if he is able to avoid serious injury, he could be in the Heisman conversation next year.

Had Dana kept a similar offense for King that Herman and Applewhite had, King would have been 11-1 or 12-0 with this team as well.

Many coaches fit the offense around the personnel they inherit before shifting to their brand of offense.


So here’s what that sounds like…

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We fared 1-3 with him in 2019


c’mon man… King had some bad luck with injuries. Move on…


King got hurt and only played the first 3 games. If you want to compare Tune and King then look at both players first 3.

When you total the three games for both players they aren’t that far off…take TD/INT for instance Tune 4/5 vs King 3/4. But…We played TTech, Rice and Grambling…Miami Played friggin Alabama, App State, and Michigan State.

I’m over the moon with how Tune has improved and am really excited for his future but…King coulda made strides here too. He’ll always be a UH Grad.


I hope as fans we are able to not trash one player at the expense of the other.


I will always appreciate D’Eriq King, all players for that matter, for his efforts to entertain me.


Didn’t King have 50 total TDs or something like that in 2018? Whose she? She’s a scrub…?


I’m tired of the King slander on this site

King played 3 different positions for us. He was the Marcus Jones for our offense but dealt with serious bad luck

Tune was able to develop with the same coach for all 3 years. King had 3 different head coaches and 3 different OC’s here and another set of coaches at Miami


True, he could be in the conversation, but as a non P5 , not a real chance to win the Heisman.
When was the last time a G5 player won it ?

And King was a real talent, but he wasn’t receptive to the DH school of quarterbacking, so his playing suffered, and he looked for a way out. I’ll take him at his word that he wanted the red shirt ,
intended to come back, but had a change of heart, probably due to dad’s constant direction. And our offensive and defensive talent wasn’t there from roster management, so taking the shirt was
a reasonable move.

King will not be big enough to play QB at the next level, and even the pounding in the P5 is a lot
for a smaller QB to take. His future could possibly be as receiver at the next level, if he doesn’t
get too beat up at QBing.

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Not sure either has a future as pro-QB, but I do think that Tune is a better QB prospect at that level, if for no other reason than that he appears to be a legit 6’3" and 215.

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I think that’s an accurate view at this time. With another standout year, Tune could potentially
get some interest as a pro QB. Not a 1st or 2nd round guy, but maybe lower rounds or go as
undrafted free agent. His biggest improvement has been making better decisions with the ball.
If does not revert back to that and develops more at looking off the receivers, going rapidly thru
progressions, he has a future.

King, as 3rdWard stated, has been the victim of bad luck. Hope he can still get something from
NIL and gets a shot at playing in the pros as a receiver, like Ward.

One question. Which one has a better chance at an NFL career as a QB?

No doubt Tune. As I said, he has the body for it. King obviously does not. Doug Flutie is literally the exception that proves the rule.

Tune some chance; King, almost no chance. But I’d be happy if I’m wrong on King.

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King will be fine, some of you comparison junkies should give it a rest and move on, jusy saying.

For the love of Shasta, Sasha, Pez, and Dr. Khator y’all, King got his degree and transferred somewhere else. GET OVER IT.

He dealt with injuries both here and at Miami. He had himself in a situation where he felt it was best for himself to transfer. Minds change over the start and end of the season. Let him finish off what he’s doing, get his Masters degree, and see how he goes pro.

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