Looking for 1 Unused Rice Ticket (Done Thank You!)

Hey Coogs,
Appreciate the tickets Coogs! The newbies are pumped for tomorrow!

Go Coogs!



They use extra garage spaces for cash so seems like the same should apply to the green.

You would think but :man_shrugging:

Introduce them to Palm Center and the Metro train . . . . .

Way to rep '93 !
Go Coogs !

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I am worse than United Airlines. I overbooked my tickets. I gave 4 away to a stranger yesterday. Turns out, I didn’t think I was going to need them and now I am in need of 4 tickets.

I am looking to buy or trade for 4 tickets gen admission tickets. These are for a former student’s family of mine. I gave 4 of mine to another student’s family last week.

I do have one in section 129 Yeoman Club that is extra I can part ways with.

I typically have extras pretty much every game but majority of my crew of 22 going to make it. So of course this is the game my new crew wants to come to. Why I’m scrambling as didn’t originally think it would’ve been an issue pulling back enough for newbies. ESPECIALLY after last week!


I have an orange garage pass I will transfer to someone if they will give you their green pass.


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