Looking for 2 tickets for Oct 29 football game

My in-laws are coming in to town Oct 29. Is like to bring them to the game against UCF. Somewhere near or in section 230. Thanks in advance!

StubHub shows tickets available in 230 for $79 each.

Thanks @joecoog. I’ve seen that. Probably going to purchase them. Just checking if any season ticket holders might be willing to sell me their seats for that game if they weren’t going to be able to make it for whatever reason. Thanks again. GO COOGS!

I’ve got a couple in 230, row 2 chairbacks. I was going to put them on Stub Hub.

No problem @C.picard, I have 12 in 127 and friends are coming out of the woodwork asking for tickets. I purchased 4 more 3 game packs from UH in 310 to sell them to friends. When we played at the Rob, I used to give tickets away. I’ve told all my friends that the gravy train left the station. Time to pay up. I’m hoping to use the 3 game packs to turn my friends into season ticket holders.

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I am offering two tickets in section 210 and of course bottomless mimosas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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