Looking For Memphis Tix

Hello fellow Coogs (class of 2013)

Looking for 2 tickets when Memphis comes to visit Feb 19. Have a blessed day

That is going to be a very tough ticket to get…

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1k each I have 2 for sale

My 2 tiks sold yesterday for like $330.00 on Stubhub, around 305-310.00 payout once DirDep goes through. Family wedding that weekend in Marble Falls area. Driving bsck Sunday but didn’t want take chance n drive straight to the game. Must see TV it is!

Edit: plus I never try to get greedy w selling. Whatever the Market value dictates , I’ll usually list slightly below that value.


Don’t apologize. You sold them and you’re being transparent about the market. You can’t make it and you usually and have usually made most games. You got a good return on your purchase and it can probably help pay the price increase next year. Congrats on selling them.


Yep. This isn’t the CUSA days where you’d almost pay someone to take your tickets and go to the games. I have no problem with folks asking for tickets, they are expensive now and I hate that a fan might get priced out. Good news is all the games are on tv. So if you can’t go and you are a fan you have a way to watch.


With contributions to CougarPride and the 50-50 Club, plus ticket prices, my break-even/face value for my tickets are $200+ ea….

During the season I haven’t sold any tickets at more than $60 or 30% of “face value” but when I ask $200 for a game like Virginia or Memphis I am being called names (scalper).

Peace, Paws :paw_prints: Up


The few games I’ve sold on stubhub this season, I sold too cheap, in that the listing confirmation email came just seconds before the sold confirmation. :smile:

But the good thing about that is I never had to worry. Plus the tickets all got used. Win/win.


I’m free that saturday if one yall wants to invite to me to the game. I’ll drive. :grinning: And if you have courtside seats I’ll buy you some nachos.


@81UHEX as much as you contribute to UH Athletics you should be able to sell your Tickets at whatever price you choose. 50-50 Club says enough abt the Level of investment you have w the Coogs.
For me , I announce on here the $$$ I sold the tickets for to BRAG abt the level that UH BASKETBALL has reached.
Its really incredible where CKS has taken n put them. I know us older folks 60+ appreciate it.

I much rather be at Memphis gm but it wasn’t a hard decision to make, esp the event is on my wife side of fam, so I said we’ll watch on TV n Sale tiks. Anyway no matter the gm… one can give away or sale at going Market rate.
In the end it’s Always. #GoCoogs

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I was in Singapore for work during Bama game. Gave those tix away to some friends who were forever grateful. No regrets on my part, but seeing I would have cleared $1750 for them stung a little. Not gonna lie.


Rick, you going to be lonely waiting on Saturday.
Coogs play Memphis-- SUNDAY Feb 19. :smile:

I’ll prob give my tickets away Free to WSU game later this month for whoever is this nicest to me on Basketball thread n doesn’t have Season Tickets . :smiley::laughing: :sweat_smile:


I am always nice to you…well most of the time…ok some of the time lol

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Haha. I would say most of the time. :smiley:

Are you needing extra tickets for Family members for Shocker game. :laughing::grin:

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If a soso team like Memphis is a tough ticket just wait for next season with Kansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, ut KSU, etc.


Absolutely. I could have prob got 15-30.00/ ticket more on Memphis if i wanted to wait n let it ride but that’s not my ultimate goal. Again due to medical condition i suffered through for 6 weeks+ ( still at 90% recovery) wasn’t able to go to many gms n No matter the opponent the Tickets have sold quickly n Higher rate than even I would have expected. Memphis is last gm I will sale. Will be there for Tulane-- gotta see Coach Grandpa n WSU will prob give away if I don’t attend solo.

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My wife and grand daughter are wanting to go to another game before the season ends.

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Would be nice to meet you at a game Jesse. I will be sitting in a chair on the concourse directly in front of the Big E red sign!

Well if they can go March 2nd-WSU gm, consider the tickets yours. Plus it’s Senior Night… always a nice event. Let me know if you want them n I will transfer them. Otherwise next in line.

I plan on going to Tulane game… n will try to give u heads up or go to that location mentioned.


Senior night…I bet they are going to honor me and half of our fanbase. Oh wait, right, it’s for the team lol’