Looking for Tickets Dec 5th vs South Carolina

Hey Coogfans,
Unfortunately my group missed out on season tickets this year (already 9 on reserve for 2021). Looking for 3-4 tickets to Dec 5th game vs. SC. Anyone help a fellow Coog out?

I just checked TickPick and whoever bought tickets in section 120 row 15 has put all four of their tickets for sale for all games. Looks to me like they are just trying to make money on them because the prices are pretty high. Just thought I’d chime in and let you know. They have the South Carolina game listed for $151/ticket and you have to buy all four of them. Hope you find something else a little more reasonable.

Great Cougar whoever that is,(Sarcasm), wow, using there season tickets like that when other season ticket holders wanted to go but didn’t get a chance

I totally agree with you. It was the first thing I thought of when I looked at all of the games and noticed it was the same seats available. I understand listing them online if someone can’t make a game but trying to sell every game at a very inflated price is BS.


And playing the foil…

For this person to have those tickets means they have contributed a lot to the Coogs over the years and probably contributed to the Fertitta building fund. Not saying I agree with what they are doing, but we have no idea what their current financial situation is. May be a desperation move or could be greed. I’m just willing to give the benefit of the doubt at this point.

I’m not.

There is no benefit of the doubt if you are trying to resale at a higher rate.