Lookout for Nicholas Pearland

Tropical Storm Nicholas should be in our area come Tues and Wed. packing

A LOT OF RAIN and approx 50 MPH or less winds

Pearland’s no flooding in his subdivision … will be put to the test …


My bride is supposed to arrive at IAH on Tuesday at 3:05pm. The storm should be right over Houston at that time. Hmmmm.

best delay a day if you can….otherwise she might a lot of time waiting on canceled or delayed flights

I talked to her about it, but she only took enough of her medications for her planned stay. I have warned her about that before – should have reminded her again.

I guess Pearland DID NOT lookout for Nicholas …

He is on another thread taking a goofy poll on joining the Pac12 … PROBABLY because his area got drenched with rain from Nicholas … BUT he will probably brag that his area is dry as a bone …

However I suspect his brain got water soaked … polling on the Pac12 after we just went P5 … :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

Bounties is on sale at HEB … you will need plenty for h2o-soaked-craniums uh Mr. P … :slightly_smiling_face: