Los Angeles Rams Release Initial Depth Chart, QB Jared Goff Not Starting

Los Angeles Rams Release Initial Depth Chart, QB Jared Goff Not Starting

Here’s the depth chart:

QB: Case Keenum
RB: Todd Gurley
WR: Kenny Britt
WR: Tavon Austin
TE: Lance Kendricks
TE: Cory Harkey


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Well the Rams just released Nick Foles.

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I think Case starts initially. As long as they win, he’ll continue starting. Sort of reminds me of Drew Brees’ last year in San Diego after they drafted Phillip Rivers. Chargers went 12-4 and Rivers sat all year; hopefully, Case can have similar success.

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My first thought was that you buried the lede, but then I realized it wasn’t your headline.

Case Keenum and other Rams veterans report to training camp

He looks forward to a healthy competition with the rookie.

“When it’s good people, it really makes it a lot easier — and he’s good people,” Keenum said. “We’re trying to make each other better.

“The way I’ve always seen it — I don’t want him to do bad. I want him to do good. But when I’m competing with somebody, I want my best to be better than his.”

Case Keenum not looking over his shoulder

Trash article, but the comments are nice

Keenum has thus far been “one of the best teammates I’ve ever had,” Goff said.

“I didn’t know what to expect coming in and it’s been far and away more than I ever could have expected from somebody like him,” Goff said. “The way he’s helped me and treated me and brought me in and kind of helped me with anything.

“If I have a question, I’ll go to him and he’s going to help me. And he’ll ask me little things to keep me on my toes.”

6 minute interview with Case in front of an FCA group:

Good guy to follow for Rams/Case info - Joe Curley of the Ventura County Star:

Keenum impresses during first day of full pads

Case Keenum officially began the camp at UC Irvine atop the depth chart and he looked like he belonged there Tuesday, when the team had the season’s first full practice in pads.

“He’s handled it great,” head coach Jeff Fisher said of Keenum. “He has a great feel for it. Understands the offense, great in the huddle. He does all those little, extra, subtle things that you need to do as a quarterback.”

“I’m doing my job and when I’m at quarterback, I’m running the show,” Keenum said. “That’s how I play quarterback. It’s my huddle. It’s my squad. It’s my offense and I’m taking ownership of it. … That’s how I play quarterback, so that’s what I do. I expect other guys to do the same thing when they’re in the game.”

Couple of embedded videos where Curley interviews Case:

Sounds like Case is dong really well while Goff is struggling badly:

Rams to start Case Keenum in preseason opener

“Taking all of this into account, I think it’s sensible for Fisher to officially name Keenum the starter and stick with him through at least the first half of the season,” Brooks wrote. "The veteran not only gives the Rams the best chance to win right now, but the team believes in his talent and leadership skills.

“Speaking to several offensive players, I repeatedly heard the word ‘gamer’ and ‘winner’ in reference to the 28-year-old Keenum. In fact, one Rams receiver said the offense would thrive in 2016 with Keenum at the helm, even though everyone expects Goff to eventually become a ‘baller’ at the position.”

Jared Goff should begin on bench; Hue Jackson’s RGIII project

For the past several months, I thought the prospect of Keenum taking the field with the starting unit was simply the product of coachspeak. But after spending time at Rams camp, I believe the team should play the veteran quarterback until the youngster proves that he is ready to handle the job. This is the blueprint Fisher successfully used with a young Steve McNair during his time heading the Oilers/Titans. Despite entering the NFL as the third overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft, McNair didn’t become a full-time starter until 1997. He went on to make three Pro Bowls and earn NFL MVP honors in 2003. Fisher should keep this in mind, to help Goff eventually reach his full potential as the Rams’ franchise quarterback.

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I like what I am reading.

There is more that height to being a great NFL QB

You also need leadership skills



Family Day One-On-One with Case Keenum
Rams reporter Dani Klupenger chats with quarterback Case Keenum at Family Day. (around 2 minutes)

Rams Notes: Case Keenum holding off Jared Goff in quarterback competition

After the first week of training camp, the Rams’ quarterback battle is, well …

“Put in number 17,” a fan yelled after Jared Goff kneeled to avoid a “sack” in Friday’s no-contact practice at UC Irvine. Not long after, number 17, Case Keenum, entered and threw a touchdown pass.

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Case Keenum not yielding Rams’ starting job to rookie Jared Goff

Keenum has done nothing in camp to surrender his starting spot. He continues to take all reps with the starting offense. He clearly acts like the man in charge. His passing has been sharp and his experience obvious.

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I wish the best for Keenum. I know he is highly competitive and a nice guy. I know he is good at rallying others. I also know he is a quick learner and scans the field well. Unfortunately what I have noticed is the book to defend against Keenum seems to be written for him. He is great out of the pocket, so defenses don’t try to flush him out. They come hard up the middle with hands in the air and the ends play containment. Keenum can heave the ball 70 yards down field but his bubble screen passes take a little longer than other successful NFL QBs. So they rush up the middle with hands in the air and the corners wait to jump on sideline passes. Keenum would be great in the read-option system that worked well for RGIII in RGIII’s first season but like RGIII he would get banged up,

Again, I hope the best for Keenum, but his center and guards have their work cut out for them while he is on the field.

L.A. Rams release epic video.

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