Lots of Big12 talk on 97.5/92.5 this morning

This news caused me to tune into sports radio for the first time in years.

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what did they say?

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Just how good this is going to be for UH. They’re not sure BYU is 100% on board yet. This will decimate the AAC. Makes Big12 basketball really strong. Mentioned Master P’s son committing to UH.

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Did they have any reason for feeling that way about BYU other than gut?

I will be surprised if BYU joins a conference.

If they sign a gor they will join

BYU wants access to a playoff, and independence has some real downsides.

I think they’ll sign.


That, and the Big 12 will be a step up in nearly every other sport.

In basketball right now, the WCC is basically just Gonzaga and BYU.

But the proposed Big 12……WOW!!!

Plus track, golf, baseball, women’s sports, etc.

BYU wanted to join the Big 12 back in 2016 when expansion was first discussed.

Doubt it changes now. Plus they’d arguably be one of the top players in the conference when it comes to making decisions

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Heard 610 discussing it yesterday afternoon and this morning. One host asked the question of keeping P5 status. On Payne and Pendergast they said the new look Big 12 would be an arguably better football conference than the PAC and ACC. Would not be as top heavy and have more competitive teams.

Can’t ever get reception on those stations here in sugar land

i assume thebig12 knows that the invitees are already saying yes before they get the invite

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If BYU acts like a drama queen during the negotiations then you replace them with Memphis and move on.


Yes, but they haven’t gotten the invite yet. They can still say “nevermind”.

its broadcast from a not too great tower in Mont Belvieu, which i find funny because nearly every other station if off those tower in Mo City

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Classic lawyer rule, don’t ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.

Good rule for marriage proposals too, especially if a jumbotron is involved.