Lots of top 25 losses

#6 WV goes down to Iowa St. Dustin from the @shpawdcast will be ecstatic!

#2 Georgia goes down.

#15 Wisconsin looks like they are going down.

#21 Auburn… bye bye.

#8 Penn St goes down.

#7 Washington gone down.

#16 Miami lost.

Time to make room for Washington State

they beat Oregon next week and they are ranked

You forgot about Washington losing. UCF should be number 6.


I was adding them as I was checking.

UCF has a shot at the playoffs. Texas would have to lose one more and then beat WV. Notre Dame would have to lose (hopefully Navy). It would be tough to keep UCF out.

Nope. This is the AP, they will be about 13 in the CFP.


You would think but the commentators during thre UCF and Memphis game said there would be one loss teams that would deserve to be ahead of UCF.

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I agree, but at the same time I think the committee would get so much criticism for not putting them in there IF they win out

2 undefeated seasons in a row? There’s really no excuse why they shouldn’t be in it.


Texas better be careful or they’ll find themselves in the top 4

We have the best chance to make the Playoffs next year.

Just like we had a chance in 2016.

If OU, Wazzu, and UCF finish ranked this season and we win an NY6, I think we have a chance

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Michigan will be ranked #6 and jump UCF.

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I don’t think they care. Not saying they shouldn’t be in, but just speaking realistically

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Playoffs aspirations for any G5 program in the current 4 team playoffs are simply delusional. I don’t care if you went undefeated for 5 years in a row. It is not going to happen. Nada!


I of course want UCF to win out and lose to the Coogs and UH go to a NY6. If UH were to lose, the silver lining would be watching the “Powers that be” squirm with what do to with an unbeaten AAC champ UCF.


It certainly is possible, but the stars have to be perfectly alligned…

I’m talking an NY6 win this season.

If OU somehow gets in the playoffs this season, Wazzu finishes ranked (currently 5-1), and UCF wins out except for the AAC championship. Then we win out next season.

Obviously all of this is a stretch, but you never really know.

How about UCLA finally getting a win. And destroying Cal. Thats gotta hurt the ego.

Let’s hope USC beats Colorado

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if UCF win out they will have possible beaten 3 top 25 team

They won’t. We’ll beat them.