Louisville coaching search

They may end up with Mike Norvell, but good lord:


or this:



Geez people are nuts man! Smh

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Maybe they were cold and needed tinder.


Examples of my impressions of Louisville fans in general (and Kentucky in particular). No further comment.

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Question: How do we know the toothbrush was invented in Kentucky?
Answer: If it had been invented elsewhere, it would be called a teethbrush! LMAO!!!


Sounds like the Appalachian State coach is in the lead for the job.

There have been more coaches going through Lousyville and out than Liz Taylor and the Kardashian big patootie gal have seen hubbies come and go …

And they are a P5 … oh well I suspect the Papa Johns specials will disappear and we will be paying more for that pizza … they have BTW sorta vanished from TV lately …

As for the Kentucky toothbrush joke … the Georgians have a similar one for their Tennessean neighbors … “You can count ALL the number of teeth Tennesseans have in the first five rows around Nyland … on one hand …”

There is something about teeth in the SEC … or maybe it is a shortage of dentists … :roll_eyes:


Dave, haven’t said it yet, but glad you’re back on the board.


If Fickell is a little patient he will get a better P5 offer. Louisville is not the job it was 3 years ago. Tons of administrative, NCAA, and political drama. There’s no way Fickell doesn’t know that being right up the road. Basketball hired the Dayton coach so Satterfield at App State sounds like a comparable fit.

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It’s tough to tell if that report is real or not. The article is quoting Pete Thamel, who throws coaches’ names into the mix based off what agents tell him to do. Fickell would be a great hire there if he wants to be there, though, but I agree with you that Fickell should wait.

What has 24 arms, 24 legs and 7 teeth?

UK Cheerleader Squad


Davy Crockett: King of the wild frontier!


Dave sense of humor is second to none…guy has been cracking me up for years…


Ah, a flash back to my ute. I had a coonskin hat with tail in tact. Well, it was fake coonskin of course, but it was the rage in 1954, or maybe it was 1955. I was just a kid in 2nd or 3rd grade.

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Is Alfred ever coming back or is he banned for good😏

Things can always change, but, as of right now, he’s suspended indefinitely

Oh ok. No biggie here was just wondering. I’m one of few who backs CMA and hopes he can have better success moving frwd, it did get old he was always bashing Coach. I just didn’t see any more than that or that I see everyday on here. I let y’all handle that stuff.

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Good lord is right. This is why we have people going into schools, churches, work, etc. and shooting people today. People that cannot control their emotions and just go completely off hinge.

It is human nature to be disappointed or unhappy with something, but there are so many people now that have horrific coping skills at best.


Not defending the crazy Louisville fans but that is a pretty big diss by Brohm to his alma mater. Just another black eye on a program that’s out of eyes.

They won’t be scheduling us any time soon. They’d probably try to get out of the Kentucky series if it wasn’t sanctioned by state legislation.

I understand what you’re saying, but I think we’ve been dissed way worse than that and our fans didn’t go off the deep end.

For example, Briles left us for Baylor when he played at our school and Baylor was the school that played a role in keeping us out of the Big12. And to add more insult to injury when interviewed about the opportunity to coach at Baylor, Briles Used his infamous golf club reference. He stated that if you only got one shot to take a drive off the tee would you rather have high quality custom driver or would you want one from a garage sale. Obviously he was referring to Baylor as the custom driver and we were nothing more than a garage sale driver. Tell me that is not a bigger diss?