Louisville lets their QB run

And Lamar Jackson has a pro career in front of him.
It is easy to see that UH was at its best when we ran REAL read options where the QB actually pulled the ball out and ran.
We also let the WR run deep which opened up the QB run if the WR were not open.
As a matter of fact, the Coogs was successful when we let Postma run. He is no Ward, but he did pick up yards in the first three games. Now it looks like he is told not to run.

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He also throws picks and fumbles.


That Is true.
Remember when under Gibbs the players would try to knock the ball out of the hands of anyone holding a football at practice? We knew how to hold onto a ball. And the D knew how to get takeaways.

This O is prime for throwing picks. All short routes with WR that have no speed so all of the defenses play press coverage. Then instead of throwing easy crossing routes we only throw 50/50 balls on go routes and out patters.

We rarely throw slants and crossing routes even when LBs are within 3 yards of the LOS. This O makes it hard.