Louisville Tickets going fast

Hopefully the UCONN tickets are going fast as well


Just looked at the map for the UConn game and no I didn’t count dots, but there aren’t many tickets left.

I think they are holding back a lot of the UConn tickets…some how I doubt the corners are sold out already, I hope I’m wrong though!

I hope Louisville and UH are both undefeated when that matchup comes into fruition. GameDay no doubt would come back to campus.


Unless the date is changed to Saturday, they won’t be doing Gameday on Thursday.


They’ll change it. Hopefully.

The UConn game is one that I am certainly looking forward to - we owe them some payback!

I think that game should sell out just based on that factor alone.


Alot of football to be played before that game. A little premature to be announcing this game a a match-up of top 10 teams… Ya Think. Hope it doesn’t bite us in the …


Gotta sell tickets. Seems that marketing is a bit more strategic than in the past. I am fine with trying to capitalize and trying to be proactive. Also the only way to get Louisville tickets is to buy a 3-pack now. So they are selling for not only Louisville.

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When has a message post won or lost games?

Louisville might beat Clemson, but I don’t see them beating Florida State.


Exactly what I was thinking.

I don’t understand the FlaSt love. Here or in the press.

The way FSU came back and crushed Ole Miss after being down big impressed me. Also think their QB this year is better than the guy we faced in the Peach Bowl. But, I think Louisville is more athletic than Ole Miss (although probably softer physically), so it will be interesting to see how they match up with FSU. It remains to be seen if FSU should be ranked as high as they are, but they’re no slouch.

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Odd that Season Tickets was mentioned; if you go to uhcougars.com and try to click on season tickets, there are none available according to a message that pops up.

Mini-Plans require you to buy tickets to UCONN & Louisville and then 1 other game of your choice. This is much like last week where you were required to buy tickets to Lamar & Louisville and then 1 game of your choice.

I think many forget how good Florida St really is considering that UH just beat them recently in a bowl game.

I agree, looking for the payback from last year.

Hard for me to believe there are any tickets left for the Louisville game !!!

I’ve had people asking for tickets since OU but our 12 in 127 are all taken. Picked up 4 of these today. Section 310 row 14.

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