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I looked to buy some extra tickets for the game. Was told all tickets are for 3 game packages and all they have left are singles.

That’s great news for UH! Glad I got my extras (8 season tix) when I did. I got those 10 days ago. I presume there are many casual fans (I know you are not one, V) that are trying to get tix now and finding it quite difficult. The demand will only increase if we continue to win and UL does the same. This would likely ensure selling out all remaining home games and driving the ticket price through the roof on the secondary market. All good things for UH. These are exciting times indeed.

Go Coogs!

Not sure how the secondary market prices help UH.

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People look at the secondary market to determine fan interest in a game. You are right that the university doesn’t benefit from secondary market sales.

Okay. So on to determine fan interest. The asking price is $103 for SRO tickets to the Louisville game on SeatGeek. I would think that all reserved and GA tickets would be sold before SRO tickets become available. But what do I know? I’ll say it again … the Louisville game is going to be a game for the ages.

If there is a strong after market, it gives people more confidence to buy season tickets in future years.

Another side benefit, Coogs with extra season tickets can sell some off and funnel that cash into more tickets down the road.

The fact that UH has a secondary market with premiums on the ticket prices speaks volumes as to where this program is. There were times in the not so distant past where I could not give my tickets away or I went in / exited enough times to use all of my tickets to help with attendance numbers.

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I’ll say it again … the Louisville game is going to be a game for the ages.

That kind of game sounds expensive

If Louisville is unbeaten by the time UH faces them and they’re also undefeated, then yes. Because a victory over them would propel UH to number #1 in the country.

Currently, there are about 1000 more tickets than usual for sale on StubHub for the Louisville game.
Of course, it has two months to sell

I still like UH chances. They’re great vs the run and the game is on a Thursday night at the cage. Weather should be a little more chilly.

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