LSU announcing their new head coach today per ESPN

Take it for what you will, but this morning on College GameDay Rece Davis stated that LSU announced that at noon (1ET) that they will have a press conference presenting their new “permanent” head coach replacing Les Miles.

So for those who want to know our fate, you will know soon enough.

Why would you use “permanent” when you have an interim HC? That would mean Orgeron is promoted.

:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:…Now that’s a shocker! Not really.

Coach O has to be the choice. If it was Herman, it would of leak already.

All I know is that the talking heads will beat this to death for the next 4 1/2 hours.

From the relationships article posted by pray 10 it’s really no secret now who the new coach for the Tigers will be

Is the car pool from Austin wasting a trip???

It’s been confirmed as Orgeron.

So CTH has til noon to sign with LSU, but he’ll be busy meeting with whorn.

Guess the car pool from Austin is on…

ESPN announcing Ed Ogeron as LSU HC

Well it’s a good thing the LSU folks were never part of the manhatten project during WWII

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Coach Tom Herman wasn’t turning down Texas for LSU. Austin is only 3 hrs away from Houston by car & 25 minutes away by charter jet. His family is young enough where they can still be nomads and not be attached to Houston.

Is the Big 12 and the endless possibilities in recruiting, the main reasons why he prefer Texas. He is NOT coming back to Houston no doubt. The question will be where he ends up at. Texas, USC or long shot Oregon if Texas messes things up, which I doubt.

Texas may be his dream job career wise. The top premier job for a coach who loves a new challenge. Coach Herman probably feels that Texas is where he ultimately wanted to end up at career goal wise, more so than even the NFL. He probably wants to be Texas own Nick Saban.

Where the hell did this ^ come from ?

He’s a troll.

I wonder what will happen to the Hermanhaters when he stays. Will there be a mass exodus? I hope so.