LSU Football Self-Imposes Penalties

And you guys thought illegal payments to football players were a thing of the pass.


Well it’s more than the NCAA would ever give them.


In other news water is wet.


LaTech about to get hammered.


How benevolent of them to self-impose sanctions.image


Yeah,who do they think they are…Longhorns !!!


No, if they were the Longhorns they would have gotten us suspended.


You beat me to it Ron1102. Thank you for posting.
This is from espn:

Now please read the following:
The NCAA enforcement staff confirmed that Funes "arranged employment beginning in 2012 for the parents of a then football student-athlete and paid the father $180,000 during 2012-17 for a no-show job."

The father, who was identified as “Individual C” in a federal indictment, is the father of former LSU offensive lineman Vadal Alexander, sources previously told ESPN.
Alexander was a four-year starter for the Tigers from 2012 to 2015. His father, James Alexander, is a self-employed entrepreneur in Atlanta"

Keep in mind that the ncaa has been investigating LSU officially for three years, yes three years. These payments started in 2012…We are in 2020!!!

What does this remind you of?..
That is right Auburn and Cam Newton.

Now what does the father angle remind you of?..
USC and Reggie Bush’s father

Yes, I am writing Now one more time.

USC basically got the “life without parole” penalty. They vacated their cfp championship, Heisman trophy and countless of scholarships. They still have not recovered by their scholarships losses. This was about 15 years ago.

What did Auburn get?

What is LSU getting?

For some of you that remembers. We got the same type of penalty that USC got. Where did that get us? cusa instead of playing for a P5

You better believe it. When is someone going to investigate/audit ncaa personal banking accounts? I would not be surprised that some large $amounts are “unexplained”


I laugh every time I hear about the initiatives to have the Universities pay the players. Please, like that is going to stop this stuff. Plus why the hell would the players want to take a pay cut?

$180,000 a year job for the father to do nothing. That is for an offensive lineman. Do the math for a 100 player team. You don’t think he was the only one.


$180,000 a year job for the father to do nothing. That is for an offensive lineman.

Not $180k/yr , more like $30k/yr for 6 year
period. Still , sad commentary on how corrupt and
dishonest college football has become. But if all
the “big boys” do it, it’s okay. Go Team Go !

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“…Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was”

This is for the utau and atm fans out there that think they can do what ever the *&#$%#@ they want. They are right. This proves it again without any doubt. The cfp is closed/banned to every G5 from entering the country club. In addition the ncaa is corrupted to the core and has aided “some” schools to “buy” their so called championships. It comes down to law. How many “non profit” companies/organizations have been sued? Many but not the ncaa.

A p…e has more ethics than the ncaa.

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The next time I do something wrong I am gong to slap my wrist!

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I wonder if there’s even one LSU fan on the planet who’d say this wasn’t worth it?


All of this was done under Les Miles?

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There’s cash bags of money no one can trace and if it all could be stopped, it would be more of a level playing field.

“has become?” You must be pretty young because this has be going on for decades. The schools and boosters have become more clever at covering it up now. LSU must have missed the class, “How to cover up under the table payments to athletes 101”. :rofl:

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Remember your Econ 101 in any for profit system where there are artificial price constraints (in this case on labor) there will be blackmarkets. College Football and College Basketball are for profit businesses. It pays to cheat.


They’re obviously going to have a down year so this is a good time to get this behind them. Of course if it were us, it wouldn’t help. The NCAA would still come down on us separately.

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For violations that egregious, they will get hammered – just like William Zantzinger.