LSU playing Rice in Houston in 2020 (NRG)


so Rice gets to be the visiting team twice.

with the turnout for “home games”, they would have been visitor twice regardless.

SEC’s continued invasion into Houston. You see, Big 12?

It is likely that a couple hundred Rice fans along with their players’ parents and friends will show up, regardless of game location.

And, this shows that the SEC is going to try to keep growing their fan-base in the City of Houston, even if UH moves into the Big 12. Surely the majority of the Big 12 will see the light, or if not, surely both UT and OU do.

Good. Because frak the big 12 that’s why.

I believe Lone Star Sports and Entertainment is the group that extends the invitations to the teams. So it is not really the SEC invading Houston, just getting more exposure via the LSU invitation. Just shows the SEC is a very desirable product.

My question is why Rice?

Because the SEC demands cupcakes.

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They don’t want to lose.

Just a tune up game for recruiting and exposure in Houston.

Oklahoma scheduled us for the exact same reason.

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And I thought Rice was going to forgoe their ‘lets get pummeled for cash’ strategy. Nice payout but its a guaranteed, very ugly L for them. They need wins more than money.

Lulz. But Houston has a better team than Rice. Beat Oklahoma.

Rice is just so adorable.

Who the heck gives ah rat’s patootie!!!

Most know from the OTHER board that I dislike Rice with a passion having lived through their ignoring that we exist IN THE SAME TOWN for almost 2 decades and they were the darlings of the college world in Houston.

NOW the roles are reverse and they are the dung heap and we are about to enter P5 status.

At least we have given them the courtesy of still scheduling them when they would not us back in the '50s early '60s.

Telling it like it is !!

I like it._

I could care less if we ever played them again !

This is huge news for Rice. It means they expect to still be playing football for a few more years.

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