LSU Relocating to Houston

So the Cajuns are coming here to practice before there game at UCLA next week. They are getting out of the way of IDA. Haven’t heard yet if they are practicing at UH or elsewhere. Maybe the Texans?

We have been good host to those in need. It has become something of a tradition. Kudos to those that lend a hand to friend and foe in need.


I read earlier they will use Texans facilities

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We should scrimmage them.

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Cant. Gotta prep for Texas Tech.

Tulane is likely to be in worse shape than LSU. They’ve shipped their football and volleyball teams off to Tallahassee and Birmingham. You wonder if they might end up playing OU in Norman now next week instead of hosting them.

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Maybe the Texans could scrimmage LSU, they could use the work against superior competition.