Lucas Coley

I attended both the UTSA and Kansas games. One thing I’ve noticed on the sidelines is how active and energetic Lucas Coley has been. That guy is usually the first one congratulating teammates after a great play or encouraging them after a bad one on the sidelines. He was the one who ran to Sammy Brown and pulled him away in the scuffle with Manjack.

Lucas Coley is already establishing himself as a leader for the team and that excites me for when he gets his turn. Really hope that kid does well because it is obvious he is passionate about being on this team.


It’s a great start for sure.

I noticed the same thing during the UTSA game.

Great point.

I’m guessing he is redshirting( noticed Edwards was listed as back up) this year since it is Tune’s year…no sense in using a year of eligibility before the Big 12 move.

He redshirted last year.

Hes our future QB imo. But little bro @Kmoney says its going to be difficult because hes 3rd string. I disagree, i think hes going to take advatage to learn the system this year unless someone gets fired.

Probably won’t matter when he has a new OC next year anyway…


According to some, everyone will transfer next year


We absolutely must get an experienced transfer quarterback out of the transfer portal this off season to compete for the starting spot. Something along the lines of a Haynes King from A&M or Hudson Card from UT that have both lost their starting spot.

Look at all of these other teams like Texas Tech and UT that have seen their starting QB go down to injury but have someone that can step in and win games. If Tune goes down for us then our season is over and we cannot have that kind of lack of depth at the most important position.

Add in the fact that we return no experience at all at the QB next year and if we don’t bring in a high profile transfer QB then next year in the BIG12 could get uglier than imagined.


Agreed 100%.

Keep Haynes King far away from here please. He stinks so bad that if he was playing in TDECU you could smell him in Dickinson.


And no more… He’s just a kid… after NIL changes.

Wonder how much App State cost that dude…:thinking:

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I noticed the same thing. I had an opportunity to be around him for a few hours as he and Logan had their physicals on the same day with some of the other guys that came in during the summer. He does give off the vibe of leadership and was very pleasant to talk to. Definitely seems to have a good head on his shoulders.


Haynes King sucks. We tried the TAMU ex-QB before. Remember Kyle Allen?

Why can’t CDH recruit a QB? Again, its ridiculous that we have to be out there begging players to come here. I just remember what it was like when UH was viewed as a school and program on the cutting edge of offense. Now? We run 8 min drills down 20 points in the fourth quarter.

My gawd what has happened to us.


Isn’t that literally what recruiting is?


I get your point and agree for the most part….but Kyle Allen just needed to be coached up……you don’t hang around the NFL for five years now, if you don’t have talent.


Persuasion is not begging.

In fact, begging is not particularly attractive and comes off as weak (because it is). Any player you have to beg to come you don’t want.

Its like when you are pursuing a lady. I have never met a woman who wants some guy who constantly begs her for a date. You have to exude confidence to get a great lady.

Same attitude I have take in business development for my work.

I guess. But didn’t he lost his job to Taylor Heinicke?

Where did all of the begging recruits talk come from? Lol all we r talking about is bringing in a talented transfer quarterback to compete for a starting spot next year.

look at his film…Coley is top notch QB prospect who had offers from Houston, Arkie, Tennessee, and Va tech among others. He can run and throw and in HS he also caught TD passes as a receiver, and played LB and safety on defense…He blocks a guy completely out of the field of play so a team mate can make a run down sideline…He is tough with a capital T…He will make a great QB for us…


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