Mack Brown hires out-of-work DC

Yup, he hired Greg Robinson, who hasn’t coached in two years.


Mack hasn’t coached in seven years … or so …

Its no surprise the old folks home where he was residing … IS STILL LOOKING FOR HIM … lil do they know he has escaped to North Carolina …

I do like these desperate ACC schools resurrecting the dead or resuscitating the death bed patients for ONE MORE GO … which is why they will install electric heart paddles on the sidelines for these old fellas …

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Didn’t he already can him once at ut ?

No. I think he took a head coach job the first time. Then he brought him in after he canned Manny Diaz mid-season. He actually did pretty well.

He’s a good DC

Robinson left to take the Syracuse HC job, then came back years later to replace Manny Diaz mid-season. When Mack left, he became the DC at San Jose State for two years. Hasn’t coached since he left after the 2016 season.

I saw a silver alert this morning…

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Mack is 67 years old. I’m not far from that age and, I’m sure. Mack has taken decent care of himself. He should have plenty of energy for the job and contrary to public opinion, can motivate young people. Hell, if Snyder can do it at 80, Mack can right the ship in 5 years and then head to that rocking chair in the Smokey Mountains.

Coog fans want to know, was he coaching the boys and girl club or YMCA last year?


Comparing Robinson to NoD is laughable at best as a DC

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If Mack is putting the old team back together, maybe he will come after Applewhite!


He cannot be since he was not employed. Coogfans taught me that this is the single most important criterion for determining whether a DC is a good one.


He is employed thru the bowl game.

I was referring to Robinson’s unemployed status until Mack hired him. I thought @coachv was referring to him as well (maybe he was talking about Diaz).

Gotcha, you’re right.

NC is going no where

Mack is getting the band back together.


Not so fast:

guess Robinson didn’t make it past the resusitation death bed phase … some electric heart paddles work and some don’t

Well Mack can come after Gibbs all he wants … he is welcomed to him … thing is he will need those electric paddles MUCH LOWER to inspire life into him as he basically croaked at TT …