Major Applewhite on the Radio dial on Thursdady

I thought Major did a great job and had some very good points on the radio this morning. First of all, I like that he said he was always impressed with how much speed U of H had under Sumlin and Briles and that is something they went after. He mentioned adding speed at outside backer and length on the defensive line. He also threw some shade the way of Tom Herman. He mentioned that the last two years the recruiting was very elementary. Mentioned that it was strictly a numbers things. They were trying to get a set number of players at each position. He said this year they tried to go more for getting that impact player even if it meant being a player short, number wise at another position. Also mentioned that we recruited an explosive back and that is something we have been lacking (according to him). Overall, I feel he did a great job, is very intelligent, and will be a great hire…


He also mentioned a “field” the Patriots are putting in that I had heard nothing about.

Anyone have any details?


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The NFL installed a NFL practice field grass/turf on our practice field at UH since the Pats are practicing there for SB51.

Makes sense for the NFL to do this. Imagine the firestorm of an NFL player practicing for the Superbowl and blowing out a knee on a pitted, gutted college field.

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Thats a million dollar field PRO-BONO!!! I’ll take it!

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Cause he was one of those recruiting groups trying to get hired.

Agreed; really like the philosophy here as UH has always done well with speed going back to Yeoman’s days.

Very interesting and honest take in regards to how the coaches recruited last year, especially when you consider our previous coach’s comments about not recruiting role players or backups.

Here’s the Chris Mannix interview:

And it looks like the 610 ban is over as CMA talked with the Triple Threat:

Good story on Ed Oliver at the end about how hard he’s pushing himself and his teammates this offseason.