Major gets the nod, what about Orlando?

I was pulling for Orlando because I think he has created the toughness to our team. However, I can say that I am just pleased that Kiffin didn’t get the job. I think that would have been a big name, with ok results, and drama later. Just my opinion.

I was overall hoping for CTO as HC and CMA as OC, a 2 for 1 package. In time CMA head out for a HC job but he train someone else up to take the job.

An added bonus is that Herman gets neither of them and he has to start from ground zero at TU. Now the question comes will CTO head to TU? I think Herman’s success hinges on it. My hope is that CMA and TF will get him to stay with us. Anyone have any insight, word of mouth, etc?

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Major is taking over for the bowl too so would be surprised if CTO sticks around.

It was announced that CTO will still be the D coordinator for the bowl. I doubt he stays beyond that too, but I would sure welcome it.

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I’m wondering about Orlando. I’d be surprised if Herman isn’t calling him right now.

We kind of screwed that up giving him the interim tag. If there was any chance Orlando stays, it’s gone now. I wonder if previously either they though Orlando was going to be the better candidate or that it was going to be somebody from outside so it didn’t matter which one got the interim head coach spot?


I’m totally OK with Applewhite even though I was pulling for Orlando. I’m guessing CTO heads to Austin after the bowl game but boy would I love him to stay. Haven’t had a DC like him since Yeoman’s tenure.

Same here. Would be early xmas if we could hang on to CTO but can see Judas and other P5’s willing to spend big for him. Hopefully, CMA has some options that employ an attacking 3-4.

maybe Todd.O didn’t want large buyout? Just playing devil’s advocate here. I doubt that’s what happened though.

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Wouldn’t be surprised to see Orlando gone now. Would be a coup if they somehow kept him.

Agreed. Don’t recall too many instances where the interim guy was passed up for the other assistant. Would be curious to know their thinking behind that too.

I doubt it’s what happened either. Orlando wasn’t going to pass on his first head coaching gig at a place he already knows because of a buyout.

Here is my major worry. (pun intended) We can’t be paying him more than $2 million, so what kind of budget will he have for his staff?

What if CTO is offered north of $800K to coach? That might ease the sting a little.

Double CTO’s salary


Sorry… was making nearly $800k with bonuses.

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He was making $500k a year, it was a 2-yr $1MM contract.

He’ll probably get offered $1 million by Herman.

Damn :pensive:

UH can pay that. We just got $2.25M for Herman to leave.

We CAN pay that but there is probably some unwritten rule that coordinators make less than half of the head coaches. It all depends on if we are overpaying Applewhite. Hopefully it’s not in the range of 5 years for $12 million.