Manafort removed from flight

A Republican-led Senate group found that Manafort was a “grave counterintelligence threat,” according to USA Today. He had longstanding ties to people affiliated with Russian intelligence and had a willingness to share information with them during the 2016 presidential race.

The panel found that Manafort’s presence on the campaign created opportunities for Russian intelligence to have influence over and inquire information about the Trump campaign.

Manafort was only trying to “make America great again”.

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Why was his passport revoked?

Article doesnt say but at one point he was considered a flight risk.

He was also key in removing support for Ukraine from the GOP platform.

And we all know who he was a campaign manager for.

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Some might call what he did traitorous.


He may be about to “go through some stuff”, again.

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Let’s not forget he secretly passed voter data, LOTS OF IT to Russians. Hmmmm :thinking:

Oh, and received a pardon from somebody who also pardoned war criminals. I’d like to hear a response from Trump apologists about that.

Don’t think I will though unless it’s Chris pounding his fists in a rant that everything bad happening to Trump is simply the fault of Democrats and has nothing to do with him at all whatsoever.

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As he likes to say.



Man your point…

Asking for stormy?