Many Thought This…Looks to be True…

This Season’s team is better than our 2021 Final Four Team.

Deeper roster, same intense Defense that is just as good.

More scoring. This team looks very, very good!


By March they very well might be. They have more scoring potential. I don’t think they are as good of a rebounding team yet.

Love their intensity and Shead is a true PG that we didn’t have last year.

This is an exciting team, we will see.


We don’t have to do this……


That was a special group.

Let’s see how we do vs. Alabama and some ranked teams. With Mark back, we may take a bit of time to fully gel. I wish Hofstra was better. They host 5-2 Princeton tonight. Wisconsin is at 5-1 GA Tech on ESPN2.

I like both teams. Last year’s team holds a special place in my heart same as 2018-19 team and 2017-18 team.

I don’t think we’re as dependent on sasser as other times or last year but i want to wait and see. I didn’t like what happened with Wisconsin so i want to hold off on any assessment of being better than.

Also need to make free throws that’s a big one.

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Adding (3) experienced guys from the portal has made this CKS deepest team.

However, the portal has also made other schools very deep as well.

Our team is loaded. But across college basketball there’s probably 10 teams feeling that same way

Gonzaga, Purdue, Villanova, UCLA, Baylor, Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas

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I thought so in the pre season, and some here busted my chops. I don’t care. I’m glad the potential is starting to be realized.

I figured our shooting would improve, but it’s better than I imagined. Foul shooting still needs help.


So we’ve played less than ten games and this team is better than last year’s team that made it to the Final Four?

I’m not saying they are nor am I saying they aren’t. That said there is NO WAY in the world to know this at this juncture.


looks at calendar

It’s December 1st.


we did beat a bidirectional school by a lot tho. Plus their President is Marcus Jones


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We have no Deeky on this team although Shead has so much potential.
We will know by March how good this team really is

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I think this year’s team is better than the 96 Bulls. There. I said it. The gauntlet has been thrown down.


I think the perception is we’re better than last year’s team because our scoring ability isn’t exhausting to watch at times. We are actually fun to watch on that end of the court.

Let’s face it, we are not a pretty team to watch during these Sampson years (sans the Rob Gray led team) due to our grind it out/crash the boards style of play.

With the high flying Taze and our perimeter shooting being more consistent, fans are quick to say we’re better because we have the ability to beat the Northwestern States of the world by 40 vs last year’s squad beating them by 25.

It’s all perception. Last year’s team I trust way more to close out nail-biters due to their experience and hard nose play (see Rutgers game). I know this team got it to 2 at the end of the Whisky game but I will have a better gage when we play Bama on the road.

In terms of raw talent this team has a higher ceiling. Due to our youth and the new pieces we have they also have a slightly lower floor. The team last year was great at maxing out and playing at or near their ceiling. This year’s team’s average level of play hasn’t reached last’s years average level just yet but they aren’t that far off. This year’s team will still gel more and the talent needs to be refined. Once they hit their stride then look out. I am legitimately not afraid of any other team come March. I wouldn’t have said that about last year’s team.


This is way too premature. Last years team didn’t hit its stride til March. Its a long season. Lets not get carried away.


No way we replace Rob Gray. Love these yearly topics

Comparing this team to past teams should be allowed.

If it was the Astros, or Rockets(when they were good), you’re not allowed to say a team is really good til basically the beginning of postseason?

Playing at Alabama, at Wichita will give a sense of how good this team is

Virginia and Oregon are right now fringe NCAA tourney teams. Wisconsin is pretty good.

I don’t think you gotta wait til March though, to get a sense of how great this team is

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Our games against Oregon and NW St. made the Ducks and Demons look like High school squads. Killed ‘em.

I am impressed. Our Offense looks good so early in the season.

And Moore! A human highlight reel! And he can get better.

I am excited!

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People always say the same thing. They say, “You don’t have to do this.”

This is the best I can do. Call it.



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