March Madness 2023: Top-10 Most Valuable Players in the NCAA Tournament by NIL Value (Sass makes the list)

Sass a bargain vs production and marketing juice at that price.
I like that Matttress Mac is the huge sponsor right now.
Mattress Mac wants products moved off his loading docks for his NIL $.

Its just giving the players NIL $ for doing nothing at some schools.

Keeps the UH players faces all over his massive advertising campaigns.


Huge for recruiting


Not a gambler but worry Mac is “touching the money” (jinxing it) before its in hand.

Every dollar he sells he makes $.50 at a minimum. So every $5000 purchase that qualifies makes him at least $2500.

He killed it on the Astros free furniture. He has also killed it last year when a team from Texas wins the ncaa tournament. Or the Super Bowl picks that he loses. He actually has a terrible record at this.