Marcus Freeman -Next Coach at Notre Dame

looks like the DC is getting the job, per Bruce Feldman.


Fickell to OU!!!

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So this must really be happening. Fickell may have been ND’s first choice but he must have turned them down to get more money from Cincy. I think it was a smart move if true. No restrictions on who to recruit and make more money than BK while at ND.


Fickle is an idiot to turn down ND


Isn’t that most of their current conference payout?

Fickell to OU confirmed…


Thats the way it works today, float a rumor, get more

That’s the way it works today, float a rumor and get more $$$$$$$ to stay where you wanted to be in the first place.

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I’m sure big dollar donors are paying most of it like our donors are for CDH.

When you are winning like Cincy is, donations go way up.


More interesting to me that his DC went to ND this past year and is now HC @ ND !!

Damn, they can turn my $250-750 per year into 7 million with the flick of. Wrist?

That is quite the ROI :joy:

  • coaches salary bonus and facilities that’s about 15M per year

Fickell is smart if he gets 7mil a year and turns down Notre Dame. Plenty of money and a lot less stressful job.


Yep and Holgorsen’s contract is up for renegotiations since we are going to a P5. I can see him getting about $6M.

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Holgy could probably get another decent gig if he wanted, but his stock is nowhere close to Fickell’s at the moment.


That’s why I said $6M for Holgorsen and not the $7M Fickell is reported to get.

This stuff isn’t scientific but I definitely think the leverage/market worth Fickell has right now is much more than 15% higher than Holgy. Not saying it’s impossible Holgy could get that (though I doubt he would) but he has nowhere close to Fickell’s leverage at the moment.

Marcus Freeman …eh … their DC who is also an OhioSt grad BTW … Kelly left because he wasn’t being paid for breaking Knute Rockne’s record … which is a bunch of hooey … had Rockne not died in that plane crash he would have built a record no one would have broken …

They are relieved in Cincy … no doubt …did Fickell snooker the admin into paying him more $$$ for staying …

Who knows … the fans will all be dressed in black as will the players … they are in the playoffs … they have their HC sticking around … all is well … except for those pesky kitty cats from down south they need to dispatch before crossing the Jordan (or the Great Miami) to get to the promise land …

And as for UH … I am sowton our coogs are not going into their stadium crying “me next” to dispatch …

For those who haven’t figured it out … Cincy is now our BIG KAHUNA NYdaybowl game … they are CFP bound top dog haven’t lost in 3 years cream of the crop … ALL ROLLED UP INTO ONE , this “ain’t” Grambling or Rice anymore … sooo if we do wind up in some chumpy bowl … we at least had the chance to play one of the top four teams in America


Query: how high will his stock be WHEN (not if) we beat Cincy?

Yeah I am with you. When I read that the AD wanted someone to recreate connections with “Midwestern Catholic Schools”, I about fell over laughing. Dafuq?

Yeah Fickell should take the money at UC and enjoy going to the B12 in a year. He can make the playoff from there without having to deal with ND alum and their superiority complex.

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Higher for sure. Still a big gap between him and Fickell but he’d make up some good ground for sure. Add a Fiesta Bowl win on top of it and he makes up even more ground.