Marcus Jones Game Winner

84 yard punt return TD with 5 seconds left in a tie game. Wow.


The replay was nice. Tank Dell is going to watch the highlight and smile because he’s as good as Marcus Jones as a return man.


I am a big Dell fan, but until he actually duplicates what Marcus has done, I will hold off on saying he’s just as good. Dell has his receiving play to stand on.


SMU Jets.

What a draft pick!


Marcus Jones returning it for a TD to win a game against a rival? Think I’ve heard that one before.


The entire return is PERFECT. Great ST coaching.

Marcus Jones is a subject matter expert in “walk off” kick returns!!!

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The only reason he dropped to the 3rd was his height (nickel corner) but dude is extremely talented. UH has missed him this year no doubt.

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Did anyone hear mentions “from Houston” All I heard was rookie. Guess that’s not unusual for NFL games, they downplay college… but if he was from UT, that’s a different story.

The brilliant punter that decided to kick it directly to him is an aggy.

The hits just keep coming. :joy:

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On the highlight shows they did and of course Jim Nantz did on the Sunday night football broadcast.

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