Marcus Jones

Game changer.

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I think whoever is currently doing well seems to shine more than those who live in our memories.

The other human nature approach is to over-rate the past…

Watching some games kind brings some of that back so I enjoy catching replays sometimes.

I love me some old Coogs but NONE of them played lights out defense, were historically great on special teams and played a little on offense.

Mr. Jones is a unique Coog.


He is indeed.

When you mention offense and defense I think of Brandon Wilson. It is hard to recall all he did though. I remember wanting to see more of him at running back.

I wonder how many who could have played both sides of the ball in the past were not as shiny because we needed them to play one side rather than the other.

We do have some great players to remember. A couple that kinda surprised me was Patrick Edwards not playing pro and Treyvon Stewart and I would have to think harder than I want to on a weekend but know there are others.

I am not so much oa fan of nfl because I like the heart of the college football player.

We have and continue to build our legacies and traditions. The University of Houston is something to be proud of.


Marcus Jones = Darrell Green

  • Same athletic ability, coverage ability, talent, heart, and size

Actually before 1960 most players played offense, defense and special teams.

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Yeah and they walked uphill in the snow to school every day. And ate leather for breakfast. And never wore shoes.


Pretty much everything, but i did wear shoes.

I played on the junior high football team in a small Texas town in 1952. We were poor. The school didn’t furnish football shoes. Some played in tennis shoes if they had good ones. I did play barefooted.


Marcus Jones was #2 on the You Got Mossed segment on Monday Night Countdown.


Audray McMillan. Punt returner, punt blocker, kickoff returner, safety, snap holder on occasion, and QB.
Seven years in NFL. Pro Bowl invitee.


Oh yeah… And QB… :joy:

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The only thing missing for Jones is a pick six, which he had one but it was called back. I really hope he gets another.


Berman reporting Jones getting Heisman consideration on news tonight!


When Audray was injured playing QB and later moved to DB, it was probably the best thing to happen to him. He would have never been given a look as a veer QB.

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