Marcus Sasser - All American Teams

Let’s keep track of it here. First one is in.

2nd team.

Also. Pay attention to Tyler Kolek’s numbers. Something Jamal can definitely achieve next season.


Just a few bad games that kept him from first-team imo… Awesome season for Sass, though!

Maybe it was the goggles… :grin:

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Shoot Jamal’s numbers aren’t even that far off from Kolek. I bet if we didn’t have Sasser his numbers would be evens higher but Jamal impacts winning and we win

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Screw those guys. Marcus had a dislocated shoulder in the middle of the season and still put up AA numbers. Imagine what he would’ve done with a healthy shoulder. The guy is flat out incredible.

The first team is only made up of Forwards and Centers. Thats dumb.


Yup this was my only fear. Sasser is obviously 1st team AA if they made real teams. Still 2nd team is no small feat.

Wasn’t sure where else to put this as I don’t really want to start a 2023-2024 season thread yet, but a buddy texted me last night and asked me to compare Sharp’s stats this year to Sasser’s freshman year. There are obviously tons of variables, but it was shocking how similar their numbers were except Sasser played a lot more as a freshman. This gives me even greater hope for Sharp going forward than I already had! Check this out.



Sasser (freshman)