Marcus Sasser

I have not heard. Has he decided to stay or still exploring the NBA?

I believe both him and Fabian have officially stated they’re coming back

No news is good news.

Both have stated they will be returning.

Sampson announced a while ago him and Fabian are coming back

No disrespect but UT is always rated high in everything but Underachiever U usually drops like a lead balloon


Not to sidetrack the message board, but I’m not sure I agree with your point that Texas athletics underachieves. Football, yes, however in other sports Texas is very impressive. UT had 13 top-10 finishes during the 2020-2021 calendar including seven top-3 finishes, nine top-5 finishes, and 13 top-10 finishes in NCAA Championships this year.

The UT AD has given Beard all the resources possible. Based on his record of past success and the draw of the UT name, I would be very surprised if Horns aren’t at the top of B12 MBB.


Porter Moser is also going to kill it at OU. The Big12 is no longer KU and everyone else anymore.


With the new NIL rule I can see Sasser returning for his senior year. Unless he’s a projected draft pick.

Just curious where you think Sasser will benefit from the recent ruling

Billboard, brochures, etc. Don’t we haveto pony up if we use his likeness now? :thinking:

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He also recently signed with a marketing firm (Kyler Edwards did as well). Those guys are paid to help their clients make money. Being able to do so at the college level should be a nice incentive to stick around to improve your draft stock. At least I hope it will be.

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cue pesik to come in and discuss how staying a senior year lowers your NBA stock in and of itself

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I think that’s true, all things being equal and assuming an extra year of college doesn’t significantly improve a particular weakness. If it’s basically the same player, an NBA would obviously rather have a player with 1 less year of wear and tear.

But look at Jarreau. There’s no way he’d be getting all the workout invites he’s getting now if he had left last year. An extra year appears to have done him a lot of good.


UT has won in basketball and had some very talented teams but to say they have not underachieved is laughable.
It has been one upset after another in the dance for them.

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RE: UT underachievement across sports more broadly, they won the Director’s Cup this year. It can’t really get more not-underachieving than that.

Do you really think people on this board are talking about all the Olympic sports?
Specifically referring to the revenue sports of football/basketball where the cultural and booster lines get muddied.


Lol no idea what that is

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They underachieve in the 2 sports that matter : Football and Basketball. They’ve lost at least 4 football games a season for the past 10 years until last season. They have 2 first round picks this year in the NBA draft. Doesn’t get more underachieving than that and doesn’t match the hype they get and the perception they enjoy.


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